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Advantages of Being Vegetarian Got Milk?

Advantages of Being Vegetarian Got Milk?

Advantages of Being Vegetarian Got Milk? Got Milk Reasons Not to Grab for The Glass Many Americans, including some vegetarians, still consume copious amounts of dairy products, but here are several strong reasons to eliminate dairy products from your diet. (“Got milk? Hope not! – THE LOSE WEIGHT FANS”) Milk has long been praised as a ‘weapon’ in the war against osteoporosis, but recent clinical research shows that it is associated with a higher fracture risk, and there has been no protective effect of dairy calcium on bone. Increasing your intake of green leafy vegetables and beans, along with exercising have been shown to help strengthen bones and increase their density.

“Dairy products are also a significant source of fat and cholesterol in the diet, which can increase your risk for cardiovascular disease.” (“food interesting – Google Search”) A low-fat vegetarian diet that eliminates dairy products, as well as adequate amounts of exercise, proper stress management and quitting smoking not only will help prevent heart disease but could also reverse it.

Ovarian, breast, and prostate cancers have been linked to dairy product consumption. According to a recent study by Daniel Cramer, a Harvard doctor, when excessive amounts of dairy products are consumed, and the body’s enzymes are unable to keep pace with breaking down the lactose; it can build up in the blood and affect a woman’s ovaries. Another recent study showed that men who had the highest levels of IGF-I, (insulin-like growth factor) which is found in cow’s milk, they were at four times the risk of prostate cancer compared to those men who had the lowest levels of IGF-I.

In addition, milk may not provide a consistent and reliable source of Vitamin D in the diet. Milk samplings have been found to have inconsistent levels of Vitamin D, and some have been found to have as much as five hundred times the indicated safe level. (“Got milk? Reasons Not to Grab for the Glass – food interesting”) Excess Vitamin d in the blood can be toxic and can result in calcium deposits in the body’s soft tissues.

Milk proteins, milk sugar, fat, and saturated fat in dairy products may pose health risks for children and lead to the development of chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and formation of plaques in the circulatory system that can lead to heart disease. “By choosing to consume a nutrient-dense, healthful diet of grains, fruits, vegetables, legumes, and fortified foods including cereals and juices, you can help meet your body’s calcium, potassium, riboflavin, and vitamin D requirements easily and simply, without the added health risks from dairy product consumption.” (“Food”)

Flipping The Switch to Vegetarianism

If you have made the commitment to becoming vegetarian yet find it difficult to make the transition in your diet and your lifestyle, here are some suggestions on how to make the switch a smoother ride. (“Vegetarian Diet Reviews”)

Start out with committing to be a vegetarian for three days per week for the first couple of weeks. Start substituting ingredients in your favorite dishes to make them truly meatless. Throw in mushrooms to that marinara sauce to take the place of meatballs or try some textured vegetable protein (TVP) in that lasagna recipe. Making simple replacements in your tried-and-true recipes can inspire you to stay on the vegetarian track once you see how delicious they can be. (“Newport Beach Personal Trainer”)

Next, commit to five days per week for the next two weeks. Study the natural foods aisle at your local grocer or make it a point to introduce yourself to the local health foods store. Treat yourself to a few new vegetarian products and try them at your next meal. (“27 – Flipping the Switch to Vegetarianism – Chef Asili”) The internet can be a major source of vegetarian recipes. And do not limit yourself to being vegetarian only at home; most restaurants offer delicious vegetarian entrees, so be sure to try them. (“How To Switch to Vegetarian Diet? – PrCvir”) “You may even find inspiration for your home cooking by doing so.” (“Vegetarian Diet Reviews”)

Now all that is left to do is add two more days in your week, and you will be a converted vegetarian all week long! (“Vegetarian Paradise”) You have been doing it for a month now; you have become a seasoned newcomer in the game. “Take pride in your accomplishments, because not only have you made positive changes in your lifestyle and eating habits, but for the environment and animals as well.” (“What is a vegetarian diet? – Z Health Problems”)

Remember it is not about being perfect; every animal-positive change you make in your diet has a significant effect. By rewarding yourself for each vegetarian choice you make, you will be motivated to continue in the right direction. (“Vegetarian Diet Reviews”)


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