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Wed. Sep 28th, 2022

A Drug Free Way to Lower Cholesterol

A Drug Free Way to Lower Cholesterol

A Drug Free Way to Lower Cholesterol in the recent years, the number of people suffering from high cholesterol levels has increased substantially. Studies have proven that many heart diseases are caused primarily due to elevated levels of cholesterol in the body. (“Lower Cholesterol – A Simple Drug Free Method”) This results in heart attacks and strokes which can even prove fatal if unchecked. In industrialized societies like that in the US, the most widespread cause of death is coronary heart disease. Usage of saturated fats, bad lifestyle, and smoking are leading causes of prominent levels of cholesterol of the people in such places.

Many drugs to decrease cholesterol levels are now being sold world over. Reductase inhibitors like HMG-CoA or better known as statins are some of the most popular drugs available in the market today. This group of drugs is marketed under various names and helps in lowering cholesterol levels in patients with substantial risk. They also help in increasing HDL widely known as “good cholesterol” in the body (“How to Lower Your Cholesterol | Cholesterol | High Density …”)

Even though these drugs have been proven effective repeatedly, some people prefer not to use them and instead use other methods to reduce cholesterol levels in the body. One such method is leading an active life. Exercise and physical activity form an integral part of many therapies for low cholesterol. This results in reduction in weight, lowering of blood pressure and reduces risk of diabetes. (“How To Lower Your Cholesterol | Cholesterol | High Density …”)

A proper diet with low cholesterol content can also greatly lower cholesterol levels in the body. A good and a healthy diet contain low levels of “bad cholesterol” but sufficient quantities of “good cholesterol.” (“How To Lower Your Cholestrol | Cholesterol | High Density …”) “It has been shown that such a diet can lower cholesterol levels up to 29 percent in just one month’s time.” (“Lower Cholesterol – A Simple Drug Free Method”) Therefore, proper diets, just like drugs, can be effectively used for controlling cholesterol levels. Eating foods with high fiber content can reduce levels of cholesterol by almost 7 percent.

By eating unprocessed or non-hydrogenated fats, the risk of various heart diseases can be reduced. (“Lower Cholesterol – A Simple Drug Free Method”) Nuts, soy proteins, foods with high fiber content such as barley and oats are some of the food stuffs that help in reduction of bad cholesterol accumulated in the body. Fishes and some plant sources contain Omega-3 fats also help in lowering cholesterol levels. Fruits and vegetables can also be used for this purpose.


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