2612568276918. Stopwatch Method Can Help You with Weight Loss

Stopwatch Method Can Help You with Weight Loss

Stopwatch Method Can Help You with Weight Loss

The real secret to success with the stopwatch method is to be fully aware of the signals your body is sending you. If you feel hungry, simply stop for a few minutes, and think about it. How truly hungry are you, or do you just want to eat something? Opt for water instead and see if you still feel hungry afterwards. If so, then progress to the healthy snack and see how you feel.

By this point you should feel better, your insulin levels should be regulated, and your craving should be gone. And the best part is that you did not splurge on junk food or fast food, but instead chose a light snack that is good for you.

The most significant part of this entire method to losing weight is the fact that you will gain more control over your life and what you eat. Once you get the control back, the rest is easy. It is learning all over again how to cope with hunger and how to make the right choices that is the most difficult part.

Once you learn to get past it, you can accomplish your weight loss goals. You do not have to purchase a stopwatch, but it is an effective little tool to help you remember to pay attention to what you are feeling.

Studies have shown that people who eat about five small meals per day instead of three larger ones can lose weight much faster. This is because our bodies should eat when they are hungry, and not when we think we are supposed to. This allows our metabolism to start working better and tells us we are still awake and ready to move on in our day.

If we do not feed the body, it can go into “starvation mode” and store fat for energy. By feeding ourselves healthy foods when we do feel hungry, we tell our body that it is not starving, but instead being fed.

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