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The Sugar Solution

The Sugar Solution

Curb Sugar Cravings Once And For All With These Powerful Techniques

The Sugar Solution – Sugar sensitive people might be low in specific neurochemicals that help us feel calm, centered, confident, and optimistic. Sugar is a drug that temporarily makes the sugar sensitive feel better, but with damaging consequences.

Can You Be Addicted To Sugar – Certainly, we all get a little airheaded when consuming lots of sugar, but a sugar sensitive person has a much harder reaction. To them, sugar makes all their nerve endings trip the light fantastic. They get much greater heights and collapses from the confectionery stuff.

Is It Truly Addictive

It’s not simply an emotional alliance with sugar or refined foods that’s the sole issue here. (As a side mention, I must state that emotional eating is a true and significant matter)! Sugar addiction as delivered in this book likewise involves an actual physical need for sugar in order to feel great.

Intriguing concepts, and I wonder: Am I real a sugar sensitive
individual? Could I really be addicted to sugar?

One effective way to ascertain if you’re really addicted to sugar is to see how you feel if you don’t have ANY sugar for a brief time. If you begin having withdrawal symptoms and then instantly feel better after consuming some sugar, you very well may be dealing with a physical dependence.

A different test that may make you laugh (out of guilt) is the cookie test. Suppose you arrive home to discover a plate of warm, Toll House cookies sitting on the counter. No one else is about it. You’re not hungry. What do you do?

Somebody who might have a heavy affinity for sugar would make a beeline for the cookies and eat at least one, perhaps one-half the plate! Those who don’t get a charge from sweets might look at the cookies and consider trying one.

They might check the mail or telephone messages first. They might say, “I’m not hungry at present, so I’ll wait till later.” Their brains don’t switch off at the sight and aroma of the cookies.

The reason I joke is because I belong to the 1st group, without a doubt! After finding out about sugar’s drug-like effects and what a sugar addiction feels like, I must conclude that I’m indeed a sugar sensitive person.

So, if you’ve ascertained you’re really addicted to sugar, how do you break this addiction?

What’s Included

Chapter 2: Keep Track

Chapter 3: Eat Regularly

Chapter 4: Additional Steps

Chapter 5: Sugar Cravings

Wrapping Up

Sugar is a highly refined substance that doesn’t appear alone in nature. It appears a lot like cocaine, and sugar behaves a lot like heroin when it arrives at the brain. While the idea that sugar was addictive was controversial among scientists for years, they started to take note when a notable article was published in the Journal of Nutrition in 2009.

The study demonstrated that sugar impacts the brain chemistry and therefore may be expected to induce addictive behavior. In the study, it was demonstrated that sugar bingeing may cause withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

The bottom line – sugar is addictive, and it’s unsafe to one’s health. Because of its habit-forming qualities, it’s very hard to give up sugar, but the advantages in improved physical and emotional wellness make it worth the work.

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