Wed. Sep 28th, 2022

You Are One Big Hormone

You were a perfect teenager and your mother never said that to you, but it was in our teens we first became aware how much our hormones affected our thoughts, life, health, and energy. In fact, it never really changes.

We really are just a whirling cocktail of hormones that control our desire for food, sex, activity, and how we feel about ourselves. They look after our joints and help us feel good.

If you are a woman, your hormones also control your menstrual cycle. In all, our body has over a hundred different hormones running around, bossing our body about all manner of things. We need hormones to keep us moving, thinking, feeling, and growing.

What we eat is important as it helps keep our hormones in balance. If you are eating foods that our body is designed to love, our hormones will stay in balance. If you eat processed foods, your hormones can get completely out of order and start telling your body all sorts of weird and wonderful things. The nutrients we eat are the chemicals we need to create the hormones our body needs.

Important hormones: Insulin

Many people have heard of insulin and see it as something people with diabetes need. But all a diabetic s doing is supplementing their body with the insulin other bodies already make. It is one of the most important hormones our body makes. A good diet controls the amount of insulin our body makes. If we have too much insulin, we carry more fat, we become hungry all the time and we will find it harder to shed that fat when we want to. It can also lead to sugar cravings, retention of fluid and high blood pressure.

If you have a problem keeping your insulin levels in check (constant sugar cravings is often a good sign that is so) then increasing your protein intake and eating unprocessed carbohydrates may work best. You can also take supplements of LCarnitine, Chromium, and a good swag of B vitamins to help get rid of the cravings and lose the weight you need to shed.

Important Hormones: Thyroid

If you have been living the life of a stressed person, you may have affected your hormone levels. When we are stressed, we tend to fill our body with stimulants such as coffee, alcohol, and nicotine. Stress itself can cause our thyroid to freeze up. If you have been putting on weight, have dry skin, and have depression, and are feeling tired all the time, you may have a thyroid issue. You can have your thyroid levels measured with a blood test.

Important Hormones: Estrogen

This is a hormone women need and can easily become unbalanced if we are carrying excess weight. Our fat cells produce this hormone, so the more fat we have, the more estrogen we carry. You might be producing too much estrogen if you have a lot of fluid retention, frequent headaches, swollen breasts before menstruation and bad PMT. You may be more prone to putting on weight around the hips. Often you can get your hormone levels back into balance simply by eating more fiber and cutting back on alcohol. Having more exercise and improving the way you cope with stress also helps.

If you are tired, lacking in energy, and having trouble sleeping then your lifestyle is at fault. So, look at the fuel you are putting into your body and see if you can improve it. Are you eating unprocessed foods, excellent quality protein and good fats? Are you taking an excellent quality multi vitamin?

Best Wishes, Coy

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