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Quit Smoking Why You Have to Quit Smoking?

Quit Smoking Why You Have to Quit Smoking?

According to a motivational speaker I listen to sometimes, it is almost impossible to achieve anything worthy in this life without having enough reason for having such a dream. Same things apply to smoke quitting. Before you can be able to gain enough courage and confidence needed to stop smoking you really need to have enough reason for doing so.

If you are asked today – why did you want to quit smoking? What will you say? You’ve not really stopped to think of it yourself. You are living other people’s dreams or trying to satisfy somebody by stopping smoking. Hey! It does not have to be that way. You may find it difficult to quit smoking completely without having enough genuine reasons to stop this habit you have been living with for long.

There is no way you will smoke without polluting the air in your immediate environment. Lots of people hate this smoke because it is irritating. This type of person will never want to stay close to you if they know you are a smoker. You may end up losing good friends, clients/customers if you are into your own business or find it difficult to get a job. So, if you would like to enjoy keeping good friends around you, get more dates, get a better job, or avoid offending your new clients, you have good reason to stop smoking today.

Having good health should be one of main reasons you should quit smoking. If you smoke, you are really playing with your health. The damage that the smoke from each cigarette is doing to your immune system can never be compared to the brief immediate satisfaction you get. So, if you really want to feel and stay healthy you really must stop smoking. You will end up spending a fortune buying medicine and paying hospital bills.

Knowing what you are quitting will make it much easier for you to resist the next urge to smoke. You need lots of motivation and courage to be able to resist lighting the next stick of cigarette when you are feeling like it. One way to motivate yourself is to produce enough reasons to quit.

If you are still looking for employment, your smoking habit may be one of the main reasons why you do not have one. Your boss may not like a smoker. Make getting a better job one of the reasons why you must quit, and you will have more courage to quit smoking.

It is very possible to lose your immunity to some dangerous infections like lung cancer, lung disease, cancer of the larynx, heart disease or stroke. These are most deadly infections ever known to humanity. Why should you risk losing your life to any of this deadly disease because of your smoking habit? Imagine what will happen to all you have labored all your life. Your family and friends will not be glad to lose you so soon. Friend, this is enough reason for you to stop smoking.

Another main reason you must stop is the financial burden you will be putting on yourself because of your daily smoking habit. In the same way, if you are infected with any of the above stated ailments you will be losing thousands of dollars to medical costs. Before you decide to quit why not make a record of how much you have spent buying cigarettes all your life. I am very sure it will be in the thousands at the end of the day. Every $2 dollars add up. If you invest the same in buying stock your next generation will not die poor.

If you genuinely want to live longer and happily with good health and several thousands of dollars in your savings account decide to quit now.

Quit Smoking Today

Regards, Coyalita

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