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Quit Smoking Why Are There Many Smokers?

Quit Smoking Why Are There Many Smokers?

Lots of people start smoking because of assorted reasons, known to them only. However, there are a few reasons that are common to most smokers. Some of these reasons are personal attitude, cooling of stress and pressure from peer group.

Most youth are often subjected to pressure from peer group either good or bad. As a young person you will not want your friends to take you for granted. You will not want to feel inferior. Because of this you will end up listening to their advice and it will even make it easy for them to compel you to do what they are doing.

If you happen to be in a group of people that play with cigarettes, because of their availability there is a possibility you will start doing the same thing. In the book “Unlocking the Secrets of Your Childhood Memories,” Dr Kevin Leman said … “One day when I was seven, as I walked to school, I found a brand new, un-smoked Viceroy cigarette lying on the ground. I picked it up and slipped it into my pocket.

After school I was walking home when an older kid from our neighborhood came by on his bike. He was twelve and sort of my hero-the Eddy Haskell type. I did not know how to smoke, but I had that cigarette in my pocket, and I wanted to learn. So, I asked “Eddy” for a ride, and as I slipped up on the handlebars, I put the Viceroy in my mouth and said, “Hey, ‘Eddy’ … got a light?” And it was on that ride home I smoked my first cigarette feeling excessively big and touch – just like “Eddy.”

Apart from the pressure from peer group, most teenagers often start smoking to protest the existing rules of society. They will want to feel different. This type of attitude often leads them to become addicted to smoking when they grow up.

Smoking: – What Tobacco Companies Will Not Tell You About Nicotine

Lots of people smoke for several reasons know to them alone. It is possible that you derive something from smoking, but the hidden disadvantages are more than advantages and so call benefits you derive from smoking. Smoking poses a threat to your health. Most especially nicotine, which is the major component of cigarette you take is a poisonous substance. But tobacco companies will never tell you that.

Nicotine found in every cigarette is also a component of other substances like weed killers and insecticides because it is from alkaloid plants. Alkaloid plants are poisonous plants. They are bitter to taste and extremely potent.

Nicotine in cigarettes has different effects on smokers. Some smokers prefer taking cigarettes to relax and cool off when they are stressed or upset. Some prefer to take it because nicotine in it stimulates their body and raises their energy level. Most often, smokers get addicted to nicotine to the extent that they will always find reason to smoke more cigarettes to feel same effects always.

Since nicotine is more addictive compared to hero, it will always give the same effect anytime. These effects vary according to each person and how much they inhaled daily. Every smoker often experiences faster heartbeat, rise in blood pressure and constriction of veins due to high content of nicotine in cigarette they smoke. It also affects “reward circuits” – a section of the brain that regulates pleasurable feelings.

Nicotine, a powerful substance affects the neurotransmitter dopamine, raises dopamine’s level in the brain’s reward circuits, thus causing the smoke to experience pleasure anytime it has taken. Apart from dopamine, nicotine also affects serotonin, norepinephrine and beta-endorphin which controls mood, appetite and reduces anxiety, respectively.

It is better you avoid these harmful substances because the side effects may be more dangerous to your health. Stop smoking now.

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