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What We Learn from Healthy Cultures

“Researchers have long been fascinated with the lifestyles of villagers in several area of the world because of their exceptional longevity.” (“Health & Fitness information Blog: The Lifestyles Of …”)

It is quite common for residents of Okinawa to live past one hundred years old. They have exceptionally low rates of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease, and many of the other aging related illnesses that plague residents of Western Nations.

Older people there also maintain high energy levels and it is not at all uncommon for people in their nineties to take martial arts classes, go to dances, and go on long walks every day. (“Statement of Rights”)

This is also seen among residents of the Mediterranean. Residents there also routinely live to one hundred years old and beyond and remain trim and healthy well into their old age. “And, like residents of Okinawa, they are free of many common age-related diseases.” (“Statement of Rights”)

“Scientists who have studied the daily diets of residents of Okinawa and the Mediterranean have found that the healthy food consumed by these people gives clues to their longevity.” (“Statement of Rights”)

Refined carbohydrates are not on the menu in either one of these areas of the world. Grains in bread and noodles are complex – not overly processed – and they are not a major portion of the diet.

In Okinawa, healthy protein makes up a sizable portion of the diet in the form of fatty fish such as salmon, and in tofu. “Fruits and vegetables, including seaweed are eaten several times a day.” (“Statement of Rights”)

“Now, one could ask how much of the Okinawans healthy diet is due to good diet and how much of it is just a result of good genes.” (“Statement of Rights”) For a while it was believed that because the Okinawans are a self-contained society living on an island, they may have just been fortunate enough to have evolved with healthier genes than most of the rest of the world. (“Health & Fitness information Blog: The Life Styles Of …”)

“However, as time went on it was discovered that this was not the case and that when Okinawans eat like Westerners do, they gain weight and suffer health problems like Westerners do.” (“Health & Fitness information Blog: The Life Styles Of …”)

Recent studies have shown that Okinawans who moved away and began eating a more Western style diet are suffering from all the same health problems that afflict people in industrialized countries, including obesity and heart disease and diabetes.

“So clearly the impact of diet on health and weight cannot be discounted.” (“Statement of Rights”)

“The Mediterranean diet also shares similarities with the Okinawan diet.” (“Statement of Rights”)

Although tofu is not on the menu in the Mediterranean region, healthy protein in the form of fish is consumed regularly. Lean beef is also popular there. (“Statement of Rights”)

Carbohydrates are consumed in the form of leafy vegetables and fresh fruits rather than muffins, donuts, and bagels. “The residents of Okinawa and the Mediterranean are living, healthy proof of the benefits of eschewing refined carbohydrates and concentrating on healthy proteins and healthy complex carbohydrates such as green vegetables and whole wheat.” (“Statement of Rights”)

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