What if it Does not Work?


EFT works in all cases when it is applied correctly. (“Exploring EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)”) The benefit of it is that it just does not hurt to try it – it is not invasive it has no harmful chemicals, and it is something you can do anywhere.

It is a gentle solution, and around ninety seven percent of users say they find some if not all their relief from a pain (be it emotional, physical, or spiritual) through using EFT. (“Exploring EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)”)

If you have serious emotional of physical issues, it is best to consult both your medical practitioners and seek out someone specializing in EFT to help you work through the issues surrounding your disability.

“The reason some people find far more success in using EFT is they use it in the correct way, keeping the statements specific and focused.” (“Exploring EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)”)

“For some of us, we tend to see our problem as a vast and huge thing with far reaching global consequences.” (“A Beginners Guide to Meridian Tapping – Feed Your Spirit”) The label may feel specific but is actually overly broad.

Examples of this can be:

“Nobody has ever cared about me.”

“I’m not good at relationships.”

“I’m always the one rejected.”

“I’ve never had self-control about my eating.”

All these types of comments are made up of a massive range of smaller problems that compound together to create this central belief. If you try to use EFT on this huge, snowballed problem, then you may not notice any huge changes. (“Exploring EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)”)

While some aspects will be changed, it is a little like sneaking a few jellybeans from a huge jar – they are gone, but it is hard to notice their absence. (“Exploring EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)”)

The way round this is to use EFT on specifics, on smaller topics within the framework of the global issue. So, look at the big issue, and find an episode in your life that refers to it, and deal with that one. (“A Beginners Guide to Meridian Tapping – Feed Your Spirit”)

“If you keep on sneaking small handfuls of those jellybeans at a time, eventually the pile is going to get noticeable smaller and smaller.” (“A Beginners Guide to Meridian Tapping – Feed Your Spirit”)

So, if for example we take the global belief “Nobody has ever cared about me” and we break it down to specific events we can deal with the hurt from each one and impact the large overriding event. (“Exploring EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)”)

Instead of “Nobody has ever cared about me,” try something like… “Even though my mum told me in front of my friend that I was stupid…”

Or “Even though my husband called me names on our fifth wedding anniversary…”

Or “Even though I was told off for crying when my dog died”

“These are all true contributors to the bigger issue of Nobody has ever cared about me as they are all events that have added to your sense of not being loved.” (“A Beginners Guide to Meridian Tapping – Feed Your Spirit”)

There is a very real sense of not being loved, but really, it is a symptom of the impact all these singular events had on you and how you see yourself. If those things had never happened (or whatever are the key negative events in your life) would you have the issues you do? (“Exploring EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)”) No, because it is from these that we learn about the way things “are” whether it is correct or not.

To make the effects of the global problem disappear we need to do away of each little handful of jellybeans. When we do this by looking at specific events instead several benefits are found. (“Exploring EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)”)

“The first is you can find it easier to recognize the effects from one event have been removed.” (“Exploring EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)”) Often that event is linked to another after it that may have triggered a similar reaction so removing the power from it also removes the power from later experiences. “Realizing that it works on specific events increases your confidence to use it in other areas.” (“Exploring EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)”)

As you remove the power of one event, you reduce the power overall from the symptoms you are feeling. So, the removal of this one event’s effects makes it easier to spot other events and sort them out too. (“A Beginners Guide to Meridian Tapping – Feed Your Spirit”)

“We often have common symptoms from other events in our life so the more specific you are, the faster you can see large results happen.” (“Exploring EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)”)

The key to success is to be as specific as possible. If you are not seeing results, then perhaps a change in tack in what you are using it for needs to be applied. Instead of trying to correct a large global issue, start off small. (“Exploring EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)”) You are far more likely to see the affects you want that way.

Sometimes a symptom can be caused by a core issue that you may not be ready to sort or admit to. These core issues need to be addressed for you to see success. (“Exploring EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)”)

Example Anna was struggling with getting up in the morning. She had always been a night person but with a home full of children she knew the only way to get some time for herself and find time to work out was to get up before the household started. (“Exploring EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)”)

Anna went to an EFT specialist who took her through the EFT process and questioned her to discover her core belief. The late nights had started when her mother was struggling to both look after her and work fulltime. As she worked late, the only time Anna had had to spend with her mother had been late at night. (“Exploring EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)”)

She identified late nights with feeling comforted and intimate. She also was struggling with the feelings of being left with sitters at a youthful age even though her adult self could explain that away.

The EFT practitioner helped her work through the relationship Anna had with her mother, rather than the late night/ early morning issue and after a few sessions Anna naturally started waking in the morning feeling energized and ready for her day. It was a core issue problem. (“Exploring EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)”)

“There are some questions you can ask yourself to see if your issue may have a deeper core issue affecting it:” (“Exploring EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)”)

“1. When was the first time you remember feeling the same sort of feeling?” (“Exploring EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)”)

  1. What does this issue make you think about?
  2. If there was a deeper issue behind this one, what do you think it might be?
  3. If you could live your life over again, is there any person or even you would like to not meet or experience?

If you do not automatically know, take a guess. Our guesses sometimes circumvent our desire to protect ourselves or justify unpleasant events as part of life, without dealing with the long-term trauma some of them can cause. (“Exploring EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)”)

Best Wishes, Coyalita

Behavioral Health Rehab Specialist

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