What Causes a Panic Attack?


Besides the reasons mentioned before, researchers are unsure about the exact reason for panic attacks. In many ways it is just our bodies designed to do what they should, but in our modern world our bodies do not have the same need to run or stress out because we are being chased by a saber-toothed tiger who wants his dinner. (“Free Yourself from Panic Attacks”)

Our natural defense system against stress is our flight or fight response which is one of our most basic and primitive actions and one of our most powerful. (“Statement of Rights”) It is meant to be powerful as it is meant to protect us from moving buses, falling trees and anything else that may come between us and life. (“Free Yourself from Panic Attacks”)

This flight or fight response speeds up your heart, pumping adrenaline into your blood to get you ready to run for your life. Our poor bodies have not evolved as fast as our world, so while our brain is telling us to run, our bodies stall nice and still, or sitting quietly somewhere. (“Statement of Rights”)

“The fight or flight response is meant to help you either stand and cope with the danger or run away from it.” (“Statement of Rights”) It is normal and it is natural. What makes a panic attack different is there is no danger – it is just the expectation or pre-emptive possibility of danger that is triggering it. (“Statement of Rights”)

While some panic attacks can be attributed to a family history of panic attacks, or to a psychological disorder, they can also occur with no apparent reason.

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