What Are the Physical Signs?


If you have ever wondered about the power of our minds over our bodies, then a panic attack is an excellent illustration of how powerful our thinking is over the mechanics of our bodies. (“Free Yourself from Panic Attacks”)

“There are a range of physical symptoms our mind can generate around our bodies.” (“Free Yourself From Panic Attacks – plrmines.com”) Because everyone is different, you may not experience all of these during a panic attack. However, if you experience several of these together, it is likely you are having a panic attack: (“Free Yourself From Panic Attacks – plrmines.com”)

*A feeling of light-headedness or dizziness. This is often at the beginning of the attack. You can feel a little like you have had a few glasses too much to drink, or a sense the room is shifting a little around you. There may be a rushing sound in your ears, as the blood moves away from your brain, causing you to feel like you may faint. (“Free Yourself from Panic Attacks”)

* Difficulty in breathing. Your throat feels as if it has a large lump in it, and it hurts to swallow. Your chest tightens and constricts, and it is difficult to take deep slow breaths. If feels a little like you have just been sprinting for a few kilometers, and you need to catch your breath. (“Statement of Rights”)

* Your heart rate increases. “Your pulse becomes faster and fluttery and sometimes a little uneven.” (“Free Yourself from Panic Attacks”) Your heart is thumping against your chest, and you are unable to slow it even if you are sitting still.

* Hot flushes. Your face feels flushed and it feels as if you have an elevated temperature. You can also feel nauseous, as if you are trying to fight off an infection. (“Free Yourself from Panic Attacks”)

* Waves of anxiety. The anxious feelings rise and fall through the attack as you struggle to regain control. As each wave comes it becomes a little more intense. (“Statement of Rights”)

* Unable to stop unwanted thinking. The inability to keep control of your thinking, struggling to manage where your thoughts go. Your thoughts may skip from normal everyday concern to imagined fears, fantasizing the very worst outcome of whatever you are battling. It can run as a loop inside your mind, repeating the very thoughts you least enjoy. (“Statement of Rights”)

* Feeling disconnected from reality. You are unable to place the way you feel with what is happening. Often, a part of you realizes what you are thinking is not correct, and it is too much, but you still cannot stop. It is like there is two of you inside your mind, one stable and sensible and the other losing it – and the sensible one cannot shout the panicking side down. (“Free Yourself from Panic Attacks”)

* Feeling out of control. Panic attacks are in the main a loss of control. From your physical manifestation of panic to your thoughts, you lose the ability to manage the way you think and act. The problem is that much of the effect is internal so while you may be deathly panicked inside, with your heart racing and your mind going all over the place, your physical body can remain completely still. (“Free Yourself from Panic Attacks”) It is like panic is running a marathon inside your body, and you cannot work out how it can escape.

“Many people confuse the sense of panic with having a heart attack.” (“Statement of Rights”) The sensation can feel the same. Due to this it is a particularly clever idea to seek out professional attention to ensure there is not a physical reason for your attack. (“Free Yourself From Panic Attacks – Health Reversal”)

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