Wed. Oct 5th, 2022

What Are Binaural Beats?

“When you were a kid were you fascinated by those dog whistles that you could blow and not hear, but all the dogs in the vicinity would come running?” (“Statement of Rights”) The high pitch was something that only they could hear, and though it seemed the dogs did not arrive in droves as they did in the movies, it was enough for your pet dog to prick up his ears before sliding back into sleep.

Imagine being about to use auditory sounds that talked to distinct parts of your brain directly, instead of needing to be filtered through your thoughts and conscious mind. (“What Are Binaural Beats? How Was It Discovered? – Binaural …”) It is a little like that dog whistle – you might not be able to understand or “hear” what those sounds mean, but those parts of your brain it is designed for sure can. (“”5″ Binaural Beats PLR Products – (Articles, eBook’s and so …”)

Our brains are fascinating things. Scientists still struggle to try and determine the very length and breadth of our brain’s capabilities. (“Statement of Rights”) Studies show we use only a small proportion of our brains, but the potential in unleashing some of the parts we do not use is astronomic. (“Programming Your Mind with Binaural Beats – C.J. Hallock …”)

The problem is how to access these areas. Certainly, regular meditative practices, a holistic lifestyle incorporating eastern practices such as yoga, and a healthy diet that does not include plenty of mind-numbing chemicals help. (“Feel free to”)

However, for many of us, that type of lifestyle is one we either try to follow but fall short, or do not even really bother. Reality normally includes way too much time spent in traffic, the stress of overdue work and the chores that never seem to end. (“What Are Binaural Beats? How Was It Discovered? – Binaural …”) “For most of us we need a short cut, a simple method of getting our brain trained to think and act to its fullest capacity.” (“Trans4mind ELibrary ~ Mind Power eBooks”)

That is where Binaural Beats come in. These sounds stimulate your brain without you needing to think, move or do anything. (“Listening to the Binaural Beat – EagerLearner.com”) “While you listen, these beats stimulate your brain and lead you to deeper levels of relaxation.” (“What Are Binaural Beats? How Was It Discovered? – Binaural …”)

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