Weight Loss Bootcamp Extreme

Weight Loss Bootcamp Extreme

Step Five. How To Eat.

This follows on from the previous section and gives me an opportunity to expand on it a bit.

What’s the best way to learn something? Well, I don’t know if it’s the best way, but observing an expert is a pretty good way, in my opinion.

And who are the experts at not eating too much? Thin people. Go to a restaurant, canteen or snack bar, anywhere where people eat in public. Get yourself a seat and watch the people around you. There are bound to be some overweight people eating their lunch.

Watch how they do it. Some of what I’ve mentioned already will probably be apparent. They’ll be shoveling food in, one forkful after another, not really tasting very much. They might be reading the newspaper at the same time. They’ll finish pretty quickly and be gone.

Now find a thin person. Not so easy these days in the USA but there is still a few kicking around here and there. Watch how they eat. They take their time in selecting what’s going to go on the fork next.

Only small forkfuls (or is it forksful?). They put it in their mouth and chew slowly. They might even put the fork down between mouthfuls. You can see them tasting each mouthful. OK, I might be exaggerating a bit here but the principle remains true: in general, thin people take a much more considered approach to eating their food than fat people.

You’ll often hear it said of a fat person that he really enjoys his food and that’s why he’s the size he is. I believe the reverse to be true. Fat people don’t enjoy the subtleties of food, they like throwing any old thing down their throats until the next time.

Thin people, on the other hand, often enjoy different foods because of their subtle differences. They take time over their food and enjoy it as a result. The message is clear: Eat like a thin person and you will become one. 

You may not know very much about food. That’s OK, not many people do. But the old adage is true: You are what you eat. So, if you’re going to take this project seriously, which you are, it makes sense to take the trouble to know and understand more about the food that goes into your mouth.

There are millions of cookbooks and recipe books out there and you’ve probably had a good look through many of them. But there are precious few that actually give you an insight into the pleasures, the mysteries and the joy of food itself.

However, there is one I must recommend unreservedly: French Provincial Cooking by Elizabeth David. This 1960 classic is much, much more than a cookery book; it provides a riveting insight into the wonders of French cooking and cooking in general. It’s a pleasure to read and will leave you understanding much more about the subtleties and complexities of food than you do at present.

Even if you’ve never read a book about food before, this one is a must. I’m not asking you to go away and learn all about French cooking in particular.

What I want you to take away from this book is how she approaches food, how she considers its ingredients and tries to find out about particular dishes and their variations. Their history and how they developed.

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Regards, Coyalita

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