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Weight Loss Bootcamp Extreme

Weight Loss Bootcamp Extreme

Step Nine. Sleep

As it happens, I’m not a great proponent of lots of sleep. I prefer to be up and around and doing things. I’ve always got plenty of work to do and I’d rather be getting on with that or taking the dog for a walk than lie in bed asleep.

You’d certainly expect to use more calories that way. However, recent research has shown that people who get lots of sleep tend to be not as fat as those who don’t sleep much. It’s to do with chemicals created by your own body.

When we are asleep our bodies produce a substance called leptin. When we are awake, we produce a substance called ghrelin. And these two substances have an effect on how hungry we feel.

Leptin suppresses our feeling of hunger while ghrelin enhances it. The conclusion drawn by the research is that if we get plenty of sleep then we are likely to feel less hungry and eat less as a result. It might be true but I’ve seen no actual evidence to either support or refute this idea.

So, what can we make this? On the one hand, we have the obvious reality that being up and about is likely to consume more calories than lying in bed, and on the other hand, it’s clear that if you’re in bed asleep you’re not going to be eating anything and hopefully if your leptin levels are high enough, you’re not going to want too either.

It’s up to you, find out for yourself if sleeping a bit more every night makes a difference to your need for food. Personally, I’m going to continue to get up early in the morning, like I always have, and let the hormone levels take care of themselves.

While we’re on the subject of bed, we’re perilously close to the subject of sex. If you are in the fortunate position of having an active sexual relationship then my obvious suggestion is to have plenty of sex.

Active sex equals plenty of exercise. Like everything else though, you need to be careful; if you twist your back during a particularly acrobatic session then you could be lying stationary in bed for a week. Enough said.

Take Away Message from Step Nine

Get as much sleep as you can, it may help with your need for food. Experiment and take note of what your body is telling you.

Regards, Coyalita

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