The Personal Trainers Guide to Weight Loss

Being a personal trainer for the past 6 years I have many clients that come to me asking how exactly to lose weight and look after themselves. A lot of my clients have the wrong ideas about losing weight; they believe myths about exercise and the right foods to eat. (“WEIGHT LOSS TIPS”)

But the main reason for my clients, and 80% of the population, not knowing how to achieve their goals in weight loss is because there are so many assorted styles and types of weight loss strategies on the internet. I am not saying that all of them are wrong, but most of them are. “Some tell you how much weight you should be losing, but to be honest it depends on your body type/weight and your lifestyle.” (“WEIGHT LOSS TIPS”)

“There are also all sorts of diets that you can find on the internet with one click of a button, but again, it is down to the individual.” (“WEIGHT LOSS TIPS”) You need to find out what diet suits you best and what diet will work for the type of weight loss you want to achieve. You should not try to lose too much weight in one go, this is an excessively big no-no! You can become seriously ill by doing this.

I have put together some tips to help you along the way:

You should only do around 30 – 40 minutes of moderate exercise five times a week, and you should be sweating by the end of it! This way you do not harm yourself if you have been avoiding working out!

If you want, you do not have to do the full 30 – 40 minutes of exercise at once, you can break it up into 3 or 4 10-minute sessions, you still need to get your heart rate raised though.

You should take the stairs in work instead of the elevator, also if you take a bus to work you could get off the stop before you need to and walk the remainder of your journey. If you live close to work, then just walk the whole way.

Why not plan an exercise regime? Stick it up on your refrigerator, or write it in your diary, that way you will never forget what your exercise for the day is.

When it comes to food it is important to eat the right kinds. Fresh fruit and vegetables are an obvious place to start, without these you will have a very unhealthy body, because it is not only about losing weight, but also about leading a healthy lifestyle.

Pulses like chickpeas and diverse types of beans are good, and fresh fish is a brilliant source of oils and vitamins, also it is a ‘brain food’ so not only is it health, but it will also stimulate your brain. Lots of water is good for you also, and on average you should be drinking 7-8 pints of water a day to help wash out the horrible toxins in your body and it also leaves you feeling refreshed.

Why not keep a food diary? “Write everything you eat down in it each day and stick it up next to your exercise regime on your refrigerator: It will seriously help you to keep focused on the job at hand.” (“Beach Body System”) Having a visual aid will also help you see what foods you need to balance out and what foods you need to cut down on!

Here is to Your Success, Coyalita

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