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The Dieting Mind Set

The Dieting Mind Set

The Dieting Mind Set “Dieting is a process which involves a great deal of will power.” (“Dieting Demystified”) This is because several restrictions exist during the duration of the plan. This is the reason many people fail when it is concerned with their diet plans. This has made many people dread the idea of dieting as they always have the dumb intuition that they would not be able to follow the routine resulting in many diet plans to fail even before they are started.

Many people fail to understand that healthy dieting does not refer to starving. This is one major reason for many people to not accept dieting as they think they will have to completely stay away from food which they love. They are not making it clear to themselves that they can moderately eat food stuff which they like and cannot completely give up. Therefore, many people are totally against dieting as they confuse the term with starving themselves.

People should know that if a diet plan they adopt must be successful, then they must change their view on the food they prefer eating and must compromise with their personal likes for a certain period. Again, one more thing which people do not seem to understand is that food is not our enemy but our inability to correctly divide and consume it, is. Very often, most of the population ends up eating the wrong foods more than the correct foods which ought to be consumed. This is the epicenter of the problem.

Five portions of veggies and three of fruits is the right amount of food that we must consume every day for getting the right quantity of nutrients necessary. If this is not fulfilled, we tend to feel deprived and suffer hunger pangs. If we correctly consume the above-mentioned servings of fruits and vegetables, we are unlikely to have frequent hunger pangs. (“we are unlikely to – Translation into French – examples …”) This implies we can enjoy the food we love in moderations as it must be.

The size per serving is another major problem o deal. We are so used to eat the extra-large pack of fries and the large cup of colas and other beverages that we fail to understand what the correct serving size is. All such temptations must be avoided and only what is needed must be consumed.

We must make it a point to always remember that dieting is not starving and hence must feel good about the entire process and motivate ourselves to take it up. All the positive aspects of dieting and weight loss must be kept in mind always rather than feeling low about the excess weight you are carrying with you now. A positive outlook of the whole thing is to be adopted and you must keep motivating yourself even if the process of losing weight is taking longer than expected. Keep telling it to yourself that you would be getting your youthful body back.

However, dieting does not mean you should completely stop enjoying things which you liked. You can treat yourself to some goodies occasionally in moderation. After this, for burning the extra calories that you have consumed choose an activity which you cherish and enjoy. This way, you get double the benefit. The exercises you have taken up must be something which you look forward to and enjoy. This would help in achieving better results.

To be a successful ‘dieter,’ you need to be confident and have a positive approach towards the whole dieting program. If you cannot keep yourself away in case of indulging, then it is better to avoid indulging however tough it may be. Nonetheless, if you are happy and feel good about the whole concept of dieting and exercise and keeping fit, then having little treats in moderation occasionally is a great option.

Best Wishes, Coyalita

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