The Dark Side of Fad Diet

The Dark Side of Fad Diet

The Dark Side of Fad Diet Many people are surprised that fad diets are not recommended when they produce satisfactory results. There are many websites on the internet which claim to provide effective weight reduction in very few days. This kind of weight reduction is temporary. It is almost 90% water which returns to your body when it gets hydrated again, which happen otherwise cause severe health complications. (“Fad Diets – 5 Reasons Why You Should Drop Fad Diets”)

Some other fad diets which are less prominent crash diets, have outrageous claims and are just over hyped. They tend to be effective for some time and is usually huge money-making venture for its inventor in product sales. In some best cases, there are good diet programs which will help you achieve your weight loss goals, but you may have been able to get that from your doctor, for free. In worst cases, these fad diets will prove to be too difficult to follow and you will abandon them after a week. (“Fad Diets – 5 Reasons Why You Should Drop Fad Diets”)

Disadvantages of Fad Diets

  1. Fad Diets, which promise fast and easy weight reduction, are normally based on consuming more of a certain food type and none of others. In this way, you will not obtain the benefits of a balanced diet. You are sometimes recommended to take supplements, but some of these supplements are not taken by the body, unless they are consumed along with food that your diet has removed. After a couple of weeks, you will start developing deficiency due to malnutrition. (“Fad Diets – 5 Reasons Why You Should Drop Fad Diets”)
  1. Often, Fad diets are boring and involve many restrictions. The enthusiasm of the idea will vanish after a day or two, following which your cravings will increase and make you break the diet. Finally, it may make you feel guilty that you were not strictly following the diet. (“Fad Diets – 5 Reasons Why You Should Drop Fad Diets”)
  1. Most of these fad diets do not follow the instructions given by the American Heart Association and other such bodies for nutrition levels in food. These diets may suggest high fat and low carbohydrate foods which will result in heart problems. They may say that the diet should be followed only on a short-term basis. But if you do not achieve your goal plan by then, you will either tend to continue with an unhealthy plan or stop and regain the weight you lost. (“Fad Diets – 5 Reasons Why You Should Drop Fad Diets”)
  1. Most fad diets do not supply your body with the necessary number of fresh fruits and vegetables and your diet program does not give you the diverse food supplements that you require. 
  1. Weight loss programs that are quick are only temporary, short-lived solutions and will not have any permanent effect on your eating habits. Producing permanent change is the only solution to remain at the targeted weight once you have reached it. Fad diets are yo-yo cycles of quick weight reduction and equally rapid weight gain. Such an effect is bad for your health as well as your self-esteem and you would have been better off staying overweight. (“Fad Diets – 5 Reasons Why You Should Drop Fad Diets”)

No matter what the publicity materials say, fad diets will not assist you on a long-term basis. The ideal way to produce sustained weight loss is by eating a varied and perfectly balanced diet, avoiding high calorie foods, exercising regularly and most importantly, by avoiding fad diets. (“No matter what the publicity materials say fad diets will …”)

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The Dark Side of Fad Diet