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Supplement Secrets Tribulus: Man on Fire! If you’re a man and looking to get your testosterone levels up to “high normal” – which means you will see definite improvements in bed as well as in the gym – there’s not many natural supplements that can REALLY help. Tribulus Terrestris is probably the best of them.

In the 1990’s when Tribulus Terrestris first made it outside of Eastern Europe (it was a secret weapon in the former Soviet Bloc’s weightlifting circles) and made it to the West it was promoted pretty recklessly.

There were comparisons made to anabolic steroids and growth hormone, comparisons which were far from accurate. This built up an expectation Tribulus couldn’t meet (nor could any other supplement then or now).

This is a huge reason why Tribulus isn’t nearly as popular now as it could have been. The good news is that if you have realistic expectations from Tribulus, a trusted source to order from and take the right dose you will feel like a “Man on Fire” and see benefits that are real and tangible.

Interested in learning the truth about Tribulus and how best to use it to your advantage? Read on.

Tribulus And a Quick Boost to Test.

Studies have shown taking the proper dose of 40% saponin containing Tribulus (this is high quality Tribulus and what you should be taking) three times a day will quickly boost testosterone in the first ten days of use.

This can be great if you are suffering from low test for any number of reasons and want to get things back in order fast. Again, this will take you with sustained use to “high normal” levels – perfect for top performance in the gym and bed, but not on the level of illegal anabolic.

How to Smartly use Tribulus as a “Male Enhancer”.

If you are interested in using Tribulus as a safer alternative to things like Viagra or Cialis, be sure to use it correctly.

That means taking it three times a day and giving it time to build up in your system. The results are truly impressive – as long as you don’t think you can take Tribulus and see a boost thirty minutes later. It just doesn’t work that way.

Buying the Right Tribulus Product

Unscrupulous supplement companies have released Tribulus supplements made of material that’s near worthless. You are looking for a product that contains 40% saponins like I’ve mentioned above, preferably from European sources.

North American Tribulus has been notoriously ineffective as has its Asian varieties. No one is really sure why, but it has been confirmed in the gym and bed room again and again.

There’s a handful of companies selling high quality Tribulus so do your research and they shouldn’t be hard to find!

Tribulus Dose

For a man around 200lbs the proper dose of Tribulus is 625mg – 725mg three times per day of the quality of Tribulus we’ve already discussed.

Take your Tribulus with food or a protein shake. Some people find it a little hard on the stomach if taken without food. Make sure you always stay well hydrated if you want to get the most out of the supplement.

With the smart use of Tribulus you may have the same problem of the old Bulgarian Weight Lifting teams who lived on the stuff – too many victories, and suspicious opponents wondering if you are taking banned substances! It’s okay, because we all know the truth!

Regards, Coyalita

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