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Supplement Secrets

Supplement Secrets

Supplement SecretsCholine and the Mind. So far, we’ve talked about supplements that can help us become leaner, stronger and healthier.

But can they help us become smarter too? The answer is a powerful YES. In fact, certain little-known supplements (often referred to as nootropics) can give us a mind boost that’s almost something out of a science fiction movie.

One of the best and most widely available is choline (also called phosphatidylcholine). If you’re interested in achieving mental peak performance this supplement is a must.

Let’s explore.

Choline Enhances Memory.

This aspect of choline has been very widely studied as a way to combat the horrors of Alzheimer’s disease. For those of us who are healthy these studies have also revealed that choline acts as a memory booster in healthy individuals as well.

Having a more reliable memory offers a great many lifestyle benefits socially, at work and beyond. Take choline and possibly never lose your car keys again!

Choline Boosts Total Cognitive Function.

Beyond being a memory booster, choline enhances nearly every other area of cognitive function. Quicker decision-making making ability, clearer thought and focus and even big jumps in creative functions have all been credited to optimal choline levels reached through supplement use.

This has made choline a secret weapon of everyone from authors to professional poker players.

Choline and the Mind Muscle Connection.

Recent research on Olympic athletes has shown choline supplementation before competition cuts down reaction time considerably. The theory that’s being studied further is that supplements work to create more effective mind and muscle connection.

If this is true, we shouldn’t be surprised to learn in the future that choline can even help bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts achieve their own goals more efficiently!

Choline Dosage

A good starting dosage of choline for mental enhancement is 3 grams a day. This can be slowly increased as you judge your body’s tolerance for the supplement all the way to 8 grams or more. Some stomach turbulence can occur if you start yourself off too quickly so easy does it. Be sure to split your daily dose up
into an AM and PM serving.

Is Choline Safe?

Yes, choline is remarkably safe. It’s present in much of the food we eat (like eggs and red meat) and there haven’t been any reports I’m aware of, of harsh reactions to choline supplementation. Of course, not everything agrees with all of us, so be sure to use caution when adding any new supplement to your diet.

Where To Look For Choline

For now, most of the companies offering choline seem to be legit. I prefer to order from life extension orientated sources as they have a long history of providing the highest quality health supplements available. This is purely a personal choice and you have many good options available depending on the country you live in.

I would advise against starting off taking choline in a blend with other supplements. While these types of things are widely available it can be a poor choice as it’s hard to determine which supplements are responding well to your pique needs and which aren’t.

A better method is to add them one by one and once you are fairly certain which you are benefiting from then consider using pre-made blends and mixes!

Use choline smartly and you will likely become smart.

Regards, Coyalita

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