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Reiki – The Miracle Healing

Reiki – The Miracle Healing

Magic Money Box

ReikiThe Miracle HealingMagic Money Box Money is an integral part of human life. We need money to survive. Apart from the essential use of money, we need money to follow our passions and fulfil our dreams and goals.

Below is a small way you can attract more money to fulfil your wishes and goals.

The first and foremost thing to do is to cleanse your surroundings. Let go of “excess baggage”. Declutter your workspace and home. Invoke symbols and Archangels to cleanse and purify your surroundings. Burn sage and incense sticks for purification. If possible, put this magic money box in the southeast corner of your house or workplace.

To make a Magic Money Box:

1. Take a box that attracts you. It could be anything, a shoebox, small carton or a jewelry box of any size, any shape. Take time to decorate it. Put all your heart in decorating the magic box. Imagine your financial goals manifesting while you decorate your magic money box. You can use anything to decorate, wrapping paper, stones, shells, colors, glitter, whatever attracts you.

2. Take mirrors of the size that can fit in the box. You need a minimum of two mirrors. Maximum no limit. When the number of mirrors on all the sides of the box is added they should be even. Mirrors can be placed on 2, 4 or 6 sides of the box facing each other in parallel.

3. Stick the mirror on the inside base of the box and on the inside top of the box (Lid). If you want to add more mirrors, stick them to the sides too. Keep in mind that the number of mirrors has to be even numbers when added in total.

4. Take a piece of paper (green if possible), make intention slips based on finance, abundance or prosperity, stating your wishes clearly. You can also put money affirmations. Draw symbols that you are attuned to on the back side of paper.

5. Add the things that project money in the box. Citrine, Aventurine, Cash, Jewelry, etc. Do not use fake jewelry as it does not represent real money.

6. Take a candle (green if possible) and light it. The reason for the paper and candle being green is simply because the color green attracts and symbolizes money. Place your ready magic box beside the candle. Read out your intentions aloud or in mind.

Visualize your wishes being manifested. Call upon your angels and request them to keep your money box charged and flowing with fortune. Blow the candle and thank the Angels and the Universe.

7. Give healing to the magic money box daily. Burn sage or incense stick around the area where you keep the box, so as to keep the area pure and devoid of negative vibes.

8. Once your wish is manifested, invoke symbols and angels. Thank symbols and angels and burn the slip.

Personally, I placed one affirmation only. “I love money. Money loves me and comes to me easily.” Within one month of making the box, we bought two laptops (My husband was against buying even one new laptop earlier). After another month I started a festive crafting business. Next, my husband bought a little gold jewelry for me and my daughter. I thank my magic money box daily. I am saving more money than before.

My only advice to whoever tries this is to have patience. Don’t let the waiting period bring negative thoughts. Try this method and fulfil your dreams faster.


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