2612568276918. Recipe For Master Cleanse - 10 Day Cleansing

Recipe For Master Cleanse – 10 Day Cleansing

Recipe For Master Cleanse – 10 Day Cleansing

Recipe For Master Cleanse – 10 Day Cleansing Today more people are interested in learning how to clear out the toxins from their body (losing some weight along the way is a plus too). There are many types of cleansing diets around and one of the most popular is the master cleanse.

Sometimes called the lemonade cleanse or the maple syrup diet, this cleanse has helped thousands of people lose excess body weight and toxins. You can make this mixture on your own, the recipe for master cleanse only has 4 ingredients.

The idea is to limit what you put in your body for 10 days. Your primary ‘food’ will be the cleanse though you can add water, tea, and clear broth if you want to add some variety. It is especially important that you only use organic and fresh ingredients.

Since you are trying to get rid of chemicals from your system, you do not want to add more by using ingredients that may contain preservatives or additives of any kind.

To be successful it will take some preparation, both mentally and physically. It is not easy to go without solid food for 10 days. Most people will fail their first time, especially if they ignore this tip and do not prepare for the cleanse.

To help yourself get ready you should first set a start date. Give yourself at least a week before you plan to start. Once you have your date set, about a week before you start your cleanse, start cutting back on your food intake.

Do not starve yourself, just start eating a little less and start eating lighter options. This is especially important if you are a meat and potatoes kind of person. It will be a real shock to your system to suddenly only ‘eat’ liquids.

You also want to get your head around the idea of the cleanse. Try to calm your mind and do not set yourself up for failure by establishing unrealistic expectations.

Do not expect to lose 50 lbs. or suddenly look 30 years younger. Do not do it just because you have a class reunion coming up eat., do it because you want to get healthier for you.

Once you have spent at least several days preparing your mind and body, it is time to prepare your lemonade. Most people like to prepare a pitcher each day, that way the lemonade is nice and fresh, and you do not have to make a glass of lemonade for every meal.

Keeping it in the refrigerator will keep it tasting it is best and the added coolness can help you step up your metabolism a little bit too, just another added benefit.

The recipe for a pitcher is:

12 Tablespoons each of lemonade (use fresh lemons and squeeze them yourself) and organic maple syrup. Add 1/2 teaspoon of fresh cayenne pepper powder and sixty ounces of water. Stir well and refrigerate.

Whether your main reason for doing the cleanse is to lose weight or detoxify (or both) this easy to make recipe for master cleanse can help you succeed in your goals.” (“Recipe For Master Cleanse – 10 Day Cleansing – HowtoAdvice.com”)

If you can stick with it for the full 10 days, you should really pat yourself on the back for a job well done!

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