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Quit Smoking Today

Quit Smoking Today

Before you can be able to gain enough courage and confidence needed to stop smoking you really need to have enough reason for doing so.

If you are asked today – why did you want to quit smoking? What will you say? You’ve not really stopped thinking of it yourself. You are living other people’s dreams or trying to satisfy somebody by stopping smoking.


  • Why Do You Have to Quit Smoking?
  • Why You Have to Quit Smoking (Ii)
  • Why Are There Many Smokers?
  • Smoking: – What Tobacco Companies Will Not Tell You About Nicotine
  • Planning To Quit Smoking
  • Possible Reasons for Lighting That Stick and How to Handle Each
  • Smoke Quitting – Possible or Not
  • Quit Smoking by Preparing Yourself
  • Think Of Yourself as a Non-Smoker
  • Let Other People Know That You’ve Quit
  • Don’t Scrap the Whole Plan if You Slip-Up
  • Change Your Lifestyle
  • Smoke Quitting – Basics Tips for Every Smoker
  • 5 Tips to Quit Smoking
  • Using Nicotine Gum to Quit Smoking
  • How To Quit Smoking – Using Zyban
  • How To Quit Smoking – The Nicotine Patch
  • Stick With It When Trying to Quit Smoking
  • Nicotine Withdrawal: – Simple Solution for Smokers
  • Smoking Habit: A Final Solution
  • Tobacco Companies Want You to Die a Smoker- Wake Up to Your Senses!

Hey! It doesn’t have to be that way. You may find it difficult to quit smoking completely without having enough genuine reasons to stop this habit you’ve been living with for a long time.

Having good health should be one of the main reasons why you should quit smoking. If you smoke, you are really playing with your health. The damage that the smoke from each cigarette is doing to your immune system can never be compared to the brief immediate satisfaction you get.

So, if you really want to feel and stay healthy you really must stop smoking. You will end up spending a fortune on buying medicine and paying hospital bills.

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P.S. Mindfulness is where you focus to succeed. Keep in your Mind that you want to live.

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