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Quit Smoking- Tobacco Companies Want You to Die

Quit Smoking- Tobacco Companies Want You to Die

After reading a magazine that informs you of the danger ahead for smokers, the benefits for not smoking, and assurance that it is possible and easy to quit smoking, you finally decide to give it a shot. You can quit for a few weeks. At the end of the day, you are back smoking. Is it that it is not easy to quit smoking or what? Why are you finding it difficult to quit?

The above scenario may be your case too. It is not all your fault. The tobacco companies’ top executives are busy every year holding meetings on how they will get more customers and how they will retain you as a smoker for life.

They spend several billions of dollars on advertisements that make smoking look great to every smoker. Their advertising agents are good at producing captivating advertisements that will always arrest the body and mind of every smoker – after all they know that smoking is just an addition to body and mind.

There is this local advertisement from a tobacco company that always says ‘tobacco smokers are liable to die you” as a message from ministry of health. The main content of the advert is so captivating to the extent that most smokers will not care to listen to the message at the end of the advert.

Wake up to your senses friend! If you are truly ready to quit smoking which is better, you must stay committed. You must understand that it all starts in your mind. Your mind convinces your body to pick a cigarette. You must be able to control your mind.

You are the owner of both your mind and body. You can control your mind. Start today. You can quit smoking. Remember, smokers are liable to die young.

Quit Smoking Today

Regards, Coyalita

This has been a tiring Adventure people when one knows the lives that have expired due to Smoking. Even within my own family from as far back as I can remember as a small child, eleven of my aunts and Uncles developed one disease or another from Smoking. It was also the cost of my two fathers and my mother.

As with most family traditions the children continue with the same traditional scenarios until their time comes as well, leaving their families by death and the curse continues.

Even our child from an early age tries smoking at one point or another either in front of us or with their friends they associate with while Tobacco Companies keep getting Richer and Richer…

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