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Quit Smoking – Think of Yourself as A Non-Smoker

Quit Smoking – Think of Yourself as A Non-Smoker

A good mental trick to try when you finally quit is to immediately think of yourself as a nonsmoker. Even if it has only been a few hours or days since your final cigarette, think of yourself as a non-smoker – as if you have never had a cigarette. Then, whenever you find yourself craving a cigarette say to yourself “why would I want a cigarette? I don’t smoke.”

It’s important that you take mental steps like this when you quit smoking. Although the physical component of a cigarette addiction can be hard to overcome, especially if you have been smoking for a long time, the physical element of your addiction is also the part most easily treated with medication. It is with the mental or psychological component of your addiction that the fiercest battle will be fought.

By thinking of yourself as a non-smoker instantly, you are taking an important, active step. Although it may seem silly to think of yourself this way if you have only stopped smoking for a day or to try it: you will find that if you define yourself as a non-smoker, the idea of having a cigarette will require a long justification. It will make you genuinely think about having a cigarette – after all: it is not normal for a non-smoker to smoke, is it?

If you fail to do this, it will simply be too easy to lapse back into occasional smoking. It is, of course, common for a very recent ex-smoker to take a drag now and then, isn’t it? If you do not think of yourself as an ex-smoker, you will allow yourself these indulgences – an occasional drag, or even a full cigarette now and then – that will certainly ensure that your attempt to quit smoking ends in failure.

Let Other People Know That You’ve Quit

Many smokers, when they try to quit smoking, have a tendency not to talk about it too much, because they fear discussion of cigarettes and quitting will only increase the desire to have one. In most cases, however, the opposite is the case. If you tell everyone you interact with that you have quit smoking, you will receive lots of support, which is crucial to the overall process.

Someone who does not support your attempt to quit smoking is not a loyal friend, and most people will find that everyone they know will be incredibly supportive of the idea. By letting the people around, you know that you have quit smoking, you will be creating an instant support group that will be there if you find yourself having trouble.

Most good friends aren’t going to let you have a cigarette in their presence, and if you don’t want to tell people that you’ve quit smoking, you should think carefully about the reasons: it’s probably because on some level you’d like to be able to smoke – to lapse occasionally – without being hassled or feeling like a failure.

Another great reason to let people know that you have quit smoking is that other smokers that you know are going to be extremely interested and want to know how you quit and how it is going. Regularly discussing your quitting process with other envious smokers will reinforce to you the reasons why you decided to quit in the first place and increase your chances of success.

Most smokers will pepper you with questions when they find out you have quit, and it gives you a chance to tell them how much better you are feeling, how much money you are saving, etc.

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