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    Potent Foods Part II


    White meat contains 245 calories per four ounce serving and dark meat, 285. It is an excellent source of protein, iron, niacin, and zinc. Skinned chicken is healthiest, but most experts recommend waiting until after cooking to remove it because the skin keeps the meat moist during cooking.


    It is really a grain – not a vegetable – and is another food that has gotten a bum rap. People think it has little to offer nutritionally and that just is not so.

    There are 178 calories in a cup of cooked kernels. “It contains good amounts of iron, zinc and potassium, and University of Nebraska researchers say it delivers a high-quality of protein, too.” (“Fast Weight Loss – Home – Weebly”) The Tarahumara Indians of Mexico eat corn, beans and hardly anything else. Virgil Brown, M.D., of Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York, points out that high blood cholesterol and cardiovascular heart disease are almost nonexistent among them.

    Cottage Cheese

    If we are talking about losing weight and fat-fighting foods, we had to mention cottage cheese. (“35 Potent Foods to Suppress Junk Food Cravings”) “Low-fat (2%) cottage cheese has 205 calories per cup and is admirably low in fat, while providing respectable amounts of calcium and the B vitamin riboflavin.” (“36 Fat Burning Foods You Should Know About » Flat Belly Bible”)

    Season with spices such as dill, or garden-fresh vegetable such a scallions and chives for extra zip. To make it sweeter, add raisins or one of the fruit spreads with no sugar added. (“36 Fat Burning Foods You Should Know About » Flat Belly Bible”) You can also use cottage cheese in cooking, baking, fillings, and dips where you would otherwise use sour cream or cream cheese.


    Fiber-rich figs are low in calories at 37 per medium (2.25” diameter) raw fig and forty-eight per dried fig. (“What Are The Potent Foods To Eat For Your Fitness? | prCvir”)

    A recent study by the USDA demonstrated that they contribute to a feeling of fullness and prevent overeating. Subjects complained of being asked to eat too much food when fed a diet containing more figs than a similar diet with an identical number of calories. (“Top Fat Burning Foods to Try to Lose Weight | BeYAH Fitness”)

    Serve them with other fruits and cheeses. Or poach them in fruit juice and serve them warm or cold. “You can stuff them with mild white cheese or puree them to use as a filling for cookies and low-calorie pastries.” (“What Are the Potent Foods to Eat for Your Fitness? | prCvir”)


    The health benefits of fish are greater than experts imagined – and they have always considered it a health food.

    The calorie count in the average fourounce serving of a deep-sea fish runs from a low of ninety calories in abalone to a high of 236 in herring. (“What Are The Potent Foods To Eat For Your Fitness? | prCvir”)

    Water-packed tuna, for example, has 154 calories. It is hard to gain weight eating seafood.

    As far back as 1985, articles in the New England Journal of Medicine showed a clear link between eating fish regularly and lower rates of heart disease.

    “The reason is that oils in fish thin the blood, reduce blood pressure and lower cholesterol.” (“HEALTH ‘N’ WEALTH | NUTRITION FOR LIFE”) Dr. Joel Kremer, at Albany Medical College in New York, discovered that daily supplements of fish oil brought dramatic relief to the inflammation and stiff joints of rheumatoid arthritis.


    We are talking collard, chicory, beet, kale, mustard, Swiss chard, and turnip greens. They all belong to the same family as spinach, and that is one of the super-stars.

    No matter how hard you try, you cannot load a cup of plain cooked greens with any more than fifty calories. They are full of fiber, loaded with vitamins A and C, and free of fat.

    You can use them in salads, soups, casseroles, or any dish where you would normally use spinach. (“36 Fat Burning Foods You Should Know About » Flat Belly Bible”)

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