Potent Foods Part I

It would be unrealistic to think you could successfully lose weight and enjoy what you are eating with a mere handful of foods, no matter how delicious, nutritious, and satisfying they may be. (“What Are The Potent Foods To Eat For Your Fitness? | prCvir”) So, we are going to add an extra roster of fat-fighting foods you can eat along with the great foods mentioned in the last section. (“Top Fat Burning Foods to Try To Lose Weight | BeYAH Fitness”)

They will lend different tastes and textures to every meal and provide a wide range of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and other vital nutrients. Naturally, each one is high in fiber, low in fat and safe when it comes to sodium content, too. (“I’M A SONIC BOOMER: Foods that can help you lose weight”)

Many have crunchiness and flavor we have come to desire in snack and nibbling foods. If you are like most of us, you may have a real junk food snacking habit – a habit you are going to have to change to slim down. Many of the foods in this section may be worthy substitutes. (“Fat burning foods – Weight Loss”)


This filling grain stacks up favorably to rice and potatoes. It has 170 calories per cooked cup, respectable levels of protein and fiber and low fat. Roman gladiators ate this grain regularly for strength and complained when they had to eat meat. (“What Are The Potent Foods To Eat For Your Fitness? | prCvir”)

Studies at the University of Wisconsin show that barley effectively lowers cholesterol by up to 15 percent and has powerful anti-cancer agents. Israeli scientists say it cures constipation better than laxatives – and that can promote weight loss, too.

Use it as a substitute for rice in salads, pilaf, or stuffing, or add to soups and stews. You can also mix it with rice for an interesting texture. Ground into flour, it makes excellent breads and muffins. (“36 Fat Burning Foods You Should Know About » Flat Belly Bible”)


Beans are one of the best sources of plant protein. (“Protein sources that are best for your heart – Harvard Health”) Peas, beans, and chickpeas are collectively known as legumes. Most common beans have 215 calories per cooked cup (lima beans go up to 260). They have the most protein with the least fat of any food, and they are high in potassium but low in sodium. (“Anti-Wrinkle Foods – ezinearticles.com”)

Plant protein is incomplete, which means that you need to add something to make it complete. Combine beans with a whole grain – rice, barley, wheat, corn – to provide the amino acids necessary to form a complete protein. (“Anti-Wrinkle Foods”)

“Then you get the same top-quality protein as in meat with just a fraction of the fat.” (“Fast Weight Loss – Home – Weebly”) Studies at the University of Kentucky and in the Netherlands show that eating beans regularly can lower cholesterol levels. “The most common complaint about beans is that they cause gas.” (“Anti-Wrinkle Foods”)

Here is how to contain that problem, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA): Before cooking, rinse the beans and remove foreign particles, put in a kettle and cover with boiling water, soak for four hours or longer, remove any beans that float to the top, then cook the beans in fresh water.


This is the perfect weight-loss food. Berries have natural fructose sugar that satisfies your longing for sweets and enough fiber, so you absorb fewer calories than you eat. (“Calories or Weight Loss”) British researchers found that the high content of insoluble fiber in fruits, vegetables and whole grains reduces the absorption of calories from foods enough to promote width loss without hampering nutrition.

Berries are a major source of potassium that can assist you in blood pressure control. Blackberries have seventy-four calories per cup, blueberries eighty-one, raspberries sixty and strawberries forty-five. So, use your imagination and enjoy the berry of your choice. (“Yum Mum Recipes!!”)


Broccoli is America’s favorite vegetable, according to a recent poll. No wonder. A cup of cooked broccoli has a mere forty-four calories. It delivers a staggering nutritional payload and is considered the number one cancer-fighting vegetable.

It has no fat, loads of fiber, cancer fighting chemicals called indoles, carotene, twenty-one times the RDA of vitamin C and calcium. When you are buying broccoli, pay attention to the color. The tiny florets should be rich green and free of yellowing. (“Detox and Rehab Healthy Food”) Stems should be firm.

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