Plyometrics Fitness Adrenaline

Plyometrics Fitness Adrenaline

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Plyometrics Fitness AdrenalineGood Health and Its Aspects Wrapping Up Good health doesn’t just mean looking great. There’s more to it than that.

A person can have a really toned body but can still not be considered healthy. So, stop looking at the mirror and actually pay close attention to what your mind and body are telling you.

Being healthy means having a good state of mind, body and spirit. There are five aspects of health. These are physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social. You will learn more about all of these as you read on.

Starting With the Physical Health

Being physically healthy means a person’s body is strong enough to combat different diseases. Having a physically healthy body is not a piece of cake and to get there, a person would need to work on it.

This means regularly exercising or staying active and eating nutritious food. A good sign of being physically healthy is when a person doesn’t easily get sick and is always full of energy.

Mental Health

Mental Health is a person’s ability to use their brain each day. Which means being alert and can handle situations where thinking is involved without easily getting stressed. It’s being able to concentrate on task at hand and while doing so, make smart decisions, being creative and digesting knowledge and understanding of things around.

Emotional Health

Emotional Health is when a person feels good about herself, the people around her, and everything that involves her life. When one is emotionally healthy, this means they are in control of their feelings and don’t easily break down when something terrible happens such as being rejected, defeated or neglected.

They can also handle happiness and success in stride. Incidentally, if a person is emotionally healthy, they are less likely to experience minor sickness that one gets when stressed such as migraines or ulcer.

Spiritual Health

Spiritual Health is something that is harder to explain or even understand. Not to be confused with any religious belief, spiritual health is how a person expresses his or her values. It’s how they exercise the spirit.

Knowing what’s right and what’s wrong and applying it in their everyday life. Being kind to people, living creatures on earth and the environment are what define a spiritually healthy being.

Social Health

Social Health is how a person maintains a good relationship (if not good, then respectful) with others. If you are considerate of the feelings of other people in your life then you are a socially healthy person.

Are you a good son or daughter? A good husband or wife? A good student? A good neighbor? A good friend? A good citizen? Do you do your duties and contribute to making their life better?

Do you influence people for the best? If you have enemies, do you hold grudges or are you open to forgiveness? These are some of the factors that determine whether you are socially healthy or not.

In conclusion, health is more than just being free from diseases. You need to balance all five aspects in order to feel peace and long-term happiness.

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Plyometrics Fitness Adrenaline

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