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Plyometrics Fitness Adrenaline


Plyometrics Fitness Adrenaline

Plyometrics Fitness AdrenalineAssociation of Slimming with Other Hormones Other Than Adrenaline Aside from adrenaline, there are other hormones that are used slimming.

Some of the most popular of these hormones are the thyroid hormone and the appetite suppressing hormones Leptin and Ghrelin.

Thyroid Hormones for Losing Weight

Thyroid hormones have potential benefits for weight loss because it has the ability to increase metabolism. This happens when the thyroid gland produces an excessive amount of the thyroid hormone.

This state is referred to as hypothyroidism which can also mean under-production of the hormone. It has been that while you’re under the state hypothyroidism, you can lose as much as 10 to 15 pounds.

The Application of thyroid hormones for dropping excess weight has been extensively studied and results provided strong indications that the hormone is effective. In fact, it was found out that the more severe hyperthyroidism is, the more effective it is for reducing weight.

Thyroid Hormones Safety Issues

Thyroid hormones may have been found helpful for weight loss but it has dangers that should be considered. One of these is the moment the excessive thyroid hormone production ceases, the lost weight is likely to be gained back.

Another safety issue is the possible protein loss that accompanies fat loss. Also, hyperthyroidism increases the need for increased calorie intake and it is possible that dieters will it difficult to reduce calorie consumption when they stop using the hormone.

It is recommended that the use of the Thyroid hormone for weight loss should be under the supervision of a doctor. First of all, a doctor can give valuable advice on whether the dieter is healthy enough to engage in exercises, or whether diet or supplements are appropriate.

Leptin and Ghrelin Hormones

Leptin and ghrelin are appetite controlling hormones that send signals to the brain which decides whether the fats and calories consumed are stored as triglycerides or used as energy.

Weight loss benefits

The effect of the two hormones on weight loss has been studied and it was the amount of leptin and ghrelin before a weight loss diet is started can determine a dieter’s capability for sustaining weight loss. It seems that when there are more leptin and less
ghrelin in the body, weight loss is difficult to sustain.

How to Make the Hormones Work

There are a lot of things still unknown about these hormones although researchers agree that they are powerful fat metabolizers and appetite hormones. Scientists, however, know that a pill containing these hormones has no apparent effect on weight loss and that the only way it could be of benefit for weight loss is to change dietary habits and lifestyles.

Four dietary changes are recommended: no eating after 7 PM, five small meals a day, protein-loaded breakfast, and no refined carbs or sugar.

It will be difficult for dieters to implement the changes without encountering problems. However, the human body works at peak levels on low sugar and carbs eaten over a period of time and while some modifications are allowed, permanent weight reduction targets can be met only by controlling leptin and ghrelin, the two appetite hormones.

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