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Overcoming Plateaus, The Atkins Diet

Overcoming Plateaus, The Atkins Diet

Overcoming Plateaus, The Atkins Diet “It is common to experience plateaus and stalls during Atkins’ diets.” (“The Atkins Diet – Overcoming Stalls in Your Progress”) It occurs repeatedly, but it is important to check whether you have come to the plateau point.

When you continue for a prolonged period, without losing any weight, it is called a plateau. (“Best Diet and Weight Loss Tips”) It is essential to make a note of your weight and your measurements, before starting a diet plan. In the first couple of weeks, you may feel that you have not lost any weight but a quick glance at your measurements may lift your spirits.

The theory behind Atkins Diet is adding muscle to the body, by removing fat. This may result in slight weight gain because you are developing dense muscle to replace fat. You may end up adding a few pounds on the scale, but you will shed those extra inches. You may obtain a leaner body but weigh just the same. (“Best Diet and Weight Loss Tips”)

Take measurements of your waist, chest, calves, thighs, upper arms, and hips before starting the diet program, because it is possible to lose weight in any of these areas and having comprehensive information is vital. (“The Atkins Diet – Overcoming Stalls in Your Progress”)

It is not abnormal to go through times when your body needs to adjust. You must remember that as you are changing your body’s composition, the process may be a little time consuming. (“The Atkins Diet – Overcoming Stalls in Your Progress”)

Keep a weekly check on your measurements and your weight, so that you can keep track of your progress.

There are 3-to-4-week periods when you may experience plateaus in weight reduction, but you continue to lose inches, or even vice versa. Checking both methods is an effective way to monitor your progress. These plateaus are no reason to give up on the diet. Such stall periods are common in weight loss programs.

Stalls are more frequent when you are just a couple of pounds away from your goal. You would have developed plenty of muscle by adopting this high protein and low carbohydrate plan. (“Best Diet and Weight Loss Tips”) As your body’s muscle-to-fat percentage has increased, your body may resist any fatter loss. At this point, you must reconsider your goal weight. Understand what your body is telling you and focus on maintaining your lost weight instead of trying to shed increased weight. (“The Atkins Diet – Overcoming Stalls in Your Progress”)

“On the path to weight loss, there are several other reasons behind the occurrence of stalls.” (“Best Diet and Weight Loss Tips”) If you have made no progress in four weeks and are not moving towards your goal weight, start looking at different methods to move out of the rut. Ensure that your level of carbohydrate in the body is in check. Intake of excess carbohydrate may cause plateaus in your weight loss. Watch out for hidden carbohydrate in dressing, sauces, and packaged food. (“The Atkins Diet – Overcoming Stalls in Your Progress”)

Always have enough water. “If your body gets dehydrated, it tends to retain water and will simulate a plateau.” (“Best Diet and Weight Loss Tips”) Water aids in flushing ketones and creating space for new ketones that help in burning fat.

“Eating very less amount of food may also cause weight loss plateaus.” (“Best Diet and Weight Loss Tips”) Always have smaller meals at frequent intervals. You are following a low carbohydrate diet and not a low-calorie diet. Always add enough protein to your meals. Do not go without food for more than five hours at a stretch. Do not keep check of your calorie intake because if your body does not get enough calories, it will switch to starvation mode and the fat cells get retained.

Increasing your fitness routine also helps in overcoming plateaus. Since your muscles are now accustomed to vigorous workouts, it is necessary to steadily intensify your workouts to challenge your body. Adding new routines or increasing weights during resistance training are good options. (“Best Diet and Weight Loss Tips”)

One of these methods will help you get back on track with your weight loss program. These occasional plateaus and stalls are normal and do not last for long.

Best Wishes, Coyalita

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