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Mind Wellness

Mind Wellness

“How You Can Cultivate Abundant Self-Compassion in 2022”

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: What is Mindfulness?
Chapter 2: Why You’re Hard on Yourself
Chapter 3: 10 Ways to Be More Mindful
Chapter 4: How to Love Yourself in a Love-Less World
Chapter 5: Mind Wellness Counseling


“Our life is shaped by our mind, for we become what we think.” – Buddha

Every day when you wake up and look in the mirror as you brush your teeth, you see your physical form staring back at you. You see your hair, your face, your eyes, and the clothes you’re going to wear to work. We come to assume that this physical form is “us” and only “us.” We don’t realize that there is so much more than meets the eye.

Deep beneath your skin, your hair, and your shoes, is an inner consciousness that is always humming along. This consciousness is what makes you… you! It’s your very soul, your personality, your thoughts, and your mental activity, moving you to act, not act, feel sad, feel happy, plan something, etc.

This inner consciousness is actually the biggest controller of how you live your life and if you’re truly able to, at the end of the day, lay down in bed and feel a sense of unwavering joy and contentment.

The problem is that we live in a society today that doesn’t pay any attention to this inner consciousness. We live in an ever-moving world that never seems to stop, thanks to the mobile devices in our hands, the demands at our work, and the pace at which we’re expected to complete jobs and tasks today.

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