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Master Tennis

Master Tennis

What is so interesting about tennis?

Tennis is an interesting game which has quite a huge following
worldwide. This is also a big money game and that is perhaps why it draws such a lot of hype and popularity. Get all the info you need here.

The following are probably some of the reasons why tennis is such an interesting game:

Tennis is a game that involves a maximum of 4 players at any
one time. The two-player set is a more normal scenario and the
four player set is called a double. This makes it easier to watch
as the game only requires the attention to be focus on this small
number of players.

Tennis is a sport where there is no hint of violence attached to it. Both the players and the spectators are usually very well behaved; thus no one would even be in danger of getting caught up in a sudden violent outbreak. This makes the game more
enjoyable to observe and be a fan of.

The scoring format for the tennis game is also fairly easy to
follow and fouls are equally easy to spot and be called out.
There is very little that would contribute to confusing both the
players and the fans. An interesting point to note would be that
the scoring format which does not run from point one onwards
but starts at the number 15 onwards, originated form the
medieval time and the use of the sun dial.

Tennis players also generally don’t really wear any particular
uniforms, however most players tend to favor lighter colors and while seems to be the most popular pick. In more recent times
the fashion adopted by many tennis players, especially the
women have been rather interesting and innovative, making
them a more interesting spectacle to watch.

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