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Master Tennis

Master Tennis

Mastering forehand and backhand

These two strokes are essentially what make up the game of tennis, and once mastered adequately, the player will be able to initiate a fairly competitive and enjoyable game play.

The tennis forehand is the most basic and most used stroke for any tennis player. It is also the money-making stroke for the professional player in the tennis circuit.

Not necessarily being the easiest of all strokes, it is however the
among the more effectively ones that can earn the player a good
amount of points.

Simply put, the left-handed player would naturally step to the right and hit the ball from the left side of the body in a return stroke that the opponent serves towards the player’s body.

This movement would be duplicated but in an opposite motion if the player is right-handed. Most players would prefer to use the forehand stroke than any other fundamental tennis stroke, as this would be the most natural body movement to meet an oncoming ball.

The tennis backhand is usually executed from the side opposite of the forehand stroke. Meaning if the player is right-handed, the backhand stroke would be played from the left side of the body and if the player is left-handed then the opposite motion would be used.

Seemingly using the same concept, the strength and velocity of the ball in motion can be more powerful and harder to read by the opponent.

Initially this particular stroke can present a lot of challenges, especially in ball placement within the opponent court area, however with practice, it is possible to master this stoke enough to give the player an advantage over the opponent, simply because of the unpredictability of the stroke outcome.

A lot of players enjoy using this particular stroke as an alternative to the mundane usual tennis return strokes. It creates just enough excitement to break the monotony of the game.

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