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Master Tennis

Master Tennis

Learning the basic strokes

Tennis is not just a matter of hitting a ball with a racquet. There are quite a few specific styles or strokes that should be understood and mastered in order to be able to play the game well.

The following is a general breakdown of the various different stroke styles that are more commonly used during a regular tennis game:

Forehand ground stroke – one of the more common strokes used, this is where the ball is hit to be returned after it has bounced off the surface of the other side of the court. It is
usually hit around the baseline and with a topspin, but the shot
can also be hit is a flat shot or slice shot style. This stroke is
usually made from the same side of the body that is holding the

Backhand groundstroke – this stroke is almost completely similar in playing style as with the fore ground stroke, with one notable difference, which is, it is done on the side of the body opposite from the racquet holding hand.

Forehand volley – here the ball is hit to be returned before it comes in contact with the opposite side surface and is usually executed when the player is closer to the net area.

This effectively minimizes the time the opponent has to tackle a
successful return stroke. However, this can be a rather
dangerous risk to take as the player may not be able to counter and successfully return stroke effectively. This stroke is done on
the side of the body of the hand that is holding the racquet.

Backhand volley – this stroke uses the same execution style as the forehand volley with the notable difference of the ball being played in the return stroke from the side of the body opposite to the racquet holding hand.



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