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Master Tennis

Master Tennis

Familiarize yourself with the tennis rulebooks

As in any game played, tennis also has a set of rules that are usually universally followed whenever a game is played.

Although there may be some allowances and leeway given, in general the rules are in place to govern over and ensure a fair and enjoyable game scenario.

The following are some of the more basic rules that each tennis player should be aware of and observe diligently:

Standing on opposite sides of the court and literally in a cross-section format, the player who starts the ball delivery motion would be called the server, while the player who receives the ball will be called the receiver.

The starting positions, receiving and serving options are decided at the toss of a coin, before the very onset of the game.

The game should only commence when both players have signal
their readiness to start play. The server should be standing
behind the baseline on the deuce court but within the
boundaries of the single court when playing a single match, and
within the doubles sideline when playing a doubles game.

The server can start the serving motion from anywhere, but the ball must bounce in the service box within the flight it takes. If the ball does not land in the service box, it is deemed a fault and a second serve is called for.

The scoring is done in a clock wise fashion whereby the first call would be Love which means zero; the second point would be called at 30 and the third at 45. The game is won when the score goes back to Love. If the score is 40 – 40 which is called a deuce, then one side has the opportunity to sin by two points.

Advantage In means the server has the advantage to win and the Advantage Out means the receiver has the advantage to win.

Master Tennis

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