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How to choose the right racquet

Buying a tennis racquet can be a rather confusing exercise, mainly due to the vast variety available in the market today.

This is even more difficult, when there is no advice forthcoming in the form of a personal coach or a more experienced player.

However, all is not lost, as by following our few guidelines almost anyone will be able to make a more informed purchase.

The following are a few tips on how to purchase a suitable and usably comfortable tennis racquet to suit the individual’s needs:

Seniors and females should ideally focus on purchasing a racquet that can provide the added power as these categories of people usually have slower and less powerful contact swings.

Therefore, getting a racquet that is light weight and perhaps has a slightly oversized head is better than using one that is longer and head heavy.

The intermediate player who is a little more skilled at the game may require a little less power from the racquet, thus needing one has allowed enhanced maneuverability.

Here the ideal racquet should have a midplus head with a more extended length. As for the more advanced to high level players, the racquets should ideally have racquets that are heavier in weight and have smaller and more balanced heads, thinner beams and better control.

The general rule of thumb would be that the heavier the racquet, the more power and stability it will be able to generate. This will also help to lessen the transition of shock when in contact with the ball.

As for the lighter version of the tennis racquet, it may be easier to swing and maneuver, however it may not give the player the added power to create any forceful play action.

The grip of the racquet should also be one that allows the player to be both conformable and in control of the general direction the ball flight takes. If the grips are unsuitable, these can be changed at the request of the player.

Regards, Coyalita

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