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Massage Therapy for Complete Body Relaxation

Foot Massage – 6 Excellent Ways to Pamper Your Feet

Massage Therapy for Complete Body Relaxation Foot Massage – 6 Excellent Ways to Pamper Your Feet this article will help you through instructions on how to get a quick and easy foot massage. It aims to help you achieve a happy foot.

There are a lot of different massages that target various parts of the body. The most satisfying of them is a foot massage. The reason behind it is that the feet are the most worked of our external body organ. They carry around body weight whether standing or on the move. Thus, pampering it will give unspeakable pleasure as stress is being rid of it. Blood circulation will be improved as muscles relax during massage.

Relaxing the feet with massages is also believed to be beneficial to the whole body. By using different degrees of pressure at specific areas on it yields endorphins. These chemicals are natural pain killers that help the body from tensing up. Just the right pressure on the feet prevents diseases from progressing.

Getting started on your feet is easy enough. It can be done with the use of oil essentials, foot lotions or any other form of lubricant. Doing it with someone else can bring sheer delight, although you can also manage on your own. Best sits on the most relaxing chair to ensure your back is properly supported if you are lacking helping hands to massage for you.

A chair that has an arm rest cushion and footrest will do the trick. Now you can start the massage by placing it on your lap on foot then do these simple steps. Soon enough you will find yourself smiling and your feet happy at last.

  1. Top to bottom rub

Generating heat is the first agenda to relax and fill up the feet. Begin working from the top rubbing your way down use your thumb. Go up and down with one constant stroke from toes to your ankles. Do it repeatedly for a few minutes.

  1. Ankle twirling stokes

Relax your toes as you give it a careful spin! This simple calisthenics does magic to those cramps on your joints. Continue by clamping on the foot as you gently turn it clockwise and counterclockwise for at least 4-5 times, respectively. Remember that any sudden rotation of the ankles can cause unsolicited injuries. The idea is to relieve stress from your feet, not the other way around.

  1. Pin it down with pressure

Now that the foot is prepared for the main massage, hold it closely with the other hand and use the other to place pressure on it. Then pin down the thumb gently starting with the biggest toes on the soles in 2-4 counts. Then release the pressure soothingly working your way through the next toe. When pinning down, reel the thumb in and out. Then complete this step by varying the degrees of pressure applied on the foot’s surface.

  1. Press at leisurely pace

From smaller areas that are pinned down, go wider using knuckles. This time bigger spaces are reached all at once, giving a different sensation of relaxation, not only for the foot but for the whole body as well.

  1. Slither fingers amid the toes

In a rhythmic motion reach in between the toes using the fingers to exercise and relax the tense muscles of the toes. Do a back-and-forth fluid motion to pamper those over worked toes.

  1. Press the sole’s depression

Push the depression of the foot extremely hard using the knuckles or heels of the hand. Relief will come as soon as the inner and outer curve of the foot’s sole releases the pressure. Squeeze the entire foot hard enough to create a soothing finish to this relaxing massage. Before wrapping-up to a close, make sure not to leave out anything unmassaged like the sides, top, bottom and everything in between it.

If someone is assisting you else on this relaxing rubdown, make sure to tell them how much pressure you can tolerate. Anything that causes unbearable pain in a massage must warn you to stop and have it looked at by a doctor.

The feet work hard. It deserves to at least have a happy hour after working. Therefore, good relaxing massages make for happy feet.

Massage Therapy for Complete Body Relaxation

Best Wishes, Coyalita

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