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Mass Gaining Kickstart

Mass Gaining Kickstart

Mass Gaining Kickstart – Chapter 01 – Conditioning and Preparing your Mind for Workout. 

Stop Giving Excuses

“You can have results or excuses. Not both.”

Road blocks, brick walls, obstacles, bumps in the road, reasons or whatever you call them – they exist, and they get in our way daily in our quest to be healthy and fit.

Stop giving excuses. Never let them hinder your quest for the healthier and happier life. Also, due to the present access to high calorific food, the fitness excuses that one ensured our survival, now send us to an early grave. The best way to get back on board is to stop making excuses.

Below I’ve provided the 5 most common fitness excuses people use to avoid exercising:

• I don’t have enough time
• I have no motivation to workout
• I feel intimidated by the fit people there
• I don’t have anyone to train with
• The gym is too expensive or far

These are some of the standard excuses for not making it to the gym that can be heard around the office, school or park every day. Those who are personal trainers or lead fitness classes know the excuses can be much more creative.


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