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Lowering High Cholesterol

Lowering High Cholesterol

Lowering High Cholesterol most of us are at some risk for heart disease. All of us are better off if we work on lowering high cholesterol. Cholesterol is all a huge part of reducing our overall risk of both heart disease and stroke. By now we all already know this. We know that diet and exercise help as well. We know that medications are sometimes needed, and when they are that they are most effective when they are combined with a heart healthy diet.

The cholesterol that is being lowered when it is talked of lowering high cholesterol is LDL, which is the cholesterol that outnumbers the other cholesterol (HDL) in the order of around 3 to 1. We are not lowering our cholesterol simply because there is more of it, even though we are trying to raise HDL because there never seems to be quite enough of it. We are lowering our LDL levels because of what it tends to do once it has done what is required of it by our bodies, which is to help with digestion, protect the nervous system, and build cell walls. What it does that we need to stop is build up in our arteries.

What Helps for Lowering High Cholesterol?

Medications, of course, can be taken for help in chemically lowering high cholesterol in the circulatory system, and it can even inhibit their being produced in the liver all together. There are synthetic and natural or herbal medications that you can use but discussing them is a separate subject. Dietary adjustments are also particularly effective in reducing the inflow both in those foods that we eat which are the building blocks of LDL in the liver, and those that are directly absorbed into the bloodstream.

The problem foods that do not necessarily help when you are working toward lowering high cholesterol include such things as animal products that are high in saturated fats and processed foods and oils. Physical exercise is effective for the most part because it entails burning as energy the molecules that otherwise accumulate in the body and bloodstream as fat, which results in overloading the workload of the vital organs, the heart being the major one among them.

As you can see when it comes to doing something about your cholesterol levels, a balanced diet, combined with a good fitness regimen is your best bet in combating high cholesterol. You must be both active and eat right to maintain the right balance. You can look to my pyramid charts as a means of being sure that your eating habits are balanced. Supplements of vitamins will not be able to compensate for your poor eating. You must eat whole foods for any of this to be effective, and you must lay off heavy fatty foods and junk food to keep your cholesterol balanced.

Lowering Cholesterol Naturally

Lowering your Cholesterol, the Natural Way

For those people who would prefer not to take prescription drugs for lowering their cholesterol, there is an alternative and more natural way. The alternative to using pharmaceuticals are natural cholesterol reducers. Many people prefer them to taking the drugs as they are believed safer. Increased studies are being conducted on the medicinal values of naturally occurring substances such as herbs etc. Increasingly of these results show their effectiveness in alleviating symptoms or in reducing your chances of a heart disease or disorder. The choice is yours.

What Exactly Are Natural Cholesterol Reducers?

“Natural cholesterol reducers are regularly seen as substances occurring without human intervention in their natural growth and development.” (“Natural Ways to Control Cholesterol – Intellectual Parent”) This means that they were not created with the use of chemicals or pesticides. Many of them have been the subject of recent studies and have been proven effective as natural cholesterol reducers. (“Natural Ways to Control Cholesterol – Intellectual Parent”) Garlic is on the list as a significant inhibitor to the development of arteriosclerosis and even aid in disabling the recurrence of heart attacks. Fish oils possess their omega-3-fatty acids and are commonly known to reduce heart disease occurrences by as much as 45 percent.

Cholesterol’s close relative which is called beta-sitosterol can very effectively cuts blood serum cholesterol with no changes made in your diet or exercise regimens. Curcumin, which is the extract of a curry spice (turmeric), lowers cholesterol as well as does some other things. However, if we move a bit farther on into the exotic spices etc., we will learn that golgul gum resin that you will find from the myrrh tree reduces high cholesterol levels as well as it helps you with weight problems. (“Natural Ways to Control Cholesterol – Intellectual Parent”)

A specific sugar cane wax derivative, called policosanol, prevents LDL from oxidizing in the bloodstream and due to this its levels in the body. Psyllium, which is the fiber of a plant that is native to India and Iran, also lowers LDL levels. It is important to note that Ogul Gum Resin, garlic, Curcumin, and Policosanol only have limited effectiveness’s, because they can only last for about six months. This is because they are exogenic, so it is an innovative idea for you to look for endogenic supplements such as Beta Sitosterol, Beta Glucan, Chromax and soy isoflavones to assist you in your efforts. (“Natural Ways to Control Cholesterol – Intellectual Parent”)

How you should Use Natural Cholesterol Reducers

Any medication that you choose to take should be used in the accompaniment of living a healthy lifestyle which includes exercise and diet and better overall daily habits that are conducive to your good health. “This means that you will be required to make some degree of regular physical exercise, moderate body weight and always a balanced diet a part of your life.” (“Natural Ways to Control Cholesterol – Intellectual Parent”) Of any one thing that you should consider, lifestyle always goes the furthest distance. “This is true for cholesterol levels, and particularly for LDL, because this is the cholesterol that is driven so strongly by your diet.” (“Natural Ways to Control Cholesterol – Intellectual Parent”) “HDL is not any exception to this rule, it is simply influences by other factors as well.” (“How To Lower Your Cholestrol | Cholesterol | High Density …”) Medications alone are usually not enough to ensure long term health.

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