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Lowering Cholesterol with Good Diet

Lowering Cholesterol with Good Diet

Lowering Cholesterol with Good Diet An Easy Meal to Follow our body as science says is a complicated system that controls all aspects of life in its own peculiar way and to live healthy it is necessary for us to keep all these systems intact and well in control. There are several substances produced in our body that circulate in our bloodstream, for good and for bad. For instance, insulin – it is secreted from our pancreas in response to increasing amounts of sugar that are released from the food we eat. Now the cells absorb this insulin thereby releasing calories and energy to survive.

Another such naturally produced element is cholesterol. “The key cause of heart diseases as the doctors suggest is cholesterol.” (“Reducing Cholesterol Naturally – 2 Great Natural Methods”) High cholesterol level in the blood can not only lead to heart attacks but also several weight problems. Let us first understand what this cholesterol is – It is a waxy fat-like substance naturally made in the liver of our body. Though cholesterol holds a thorough ‘bad guy image,’ surprisingly it serves many vital functions for our healthy living. (“Lower Cholesterol with Exercises – 14 Reasons and Tips”)

Cholesterol is of two types:

viii. Low Density Lipoprotein or LDL

  1. High-Density Lipoprotein or HDL

Low Density Lipoprotein or LD

  1. It is the actual bad guy. “It is this type of cholesterol that clogs the blood vessels leading to increased risks of heart attack and other heart diseases.” (“Bad Cholesterol Control – How to Lower It Instantly”)
  2. The researchers have now proved that diet comprising of highly saturated fats increase the level of LDL cholesterol in our body, though it is only a dietary cause for the same.

High-Density Lipoprotein or HDL

This is ‘the good man’ or to be more specific, the favorable type of cholesterol.

  1. It clears ‘the bag guy’ that is the LDL cholesterol from our blood stream, thereby, reducing the risk of all heart ailments. (“Bad Cholesterol Control – How to Lower It Instantly”)
  2. Research have shown that a diet rich in fruit and vegetables along with average levels of omega-3 from fish oil helps raise HDL cholesterol levels.

When you get a blood test done to check the cholesterol level of the bloodstream, in the report we read a breakdown of LDL and HDL. These figures are not as important for the doctors as the other two figures. These are – total cholesterol and triglyceride level.

The doctors give you a clean bill of healthy only if the readings remain within a certain range.

These are:

Total Cholesterol: Equal to or less than 200mg/dl.

Triglyceride Level: Equal to or less than 150mg/dl.

On appositive note, with four simple ways one can work on gradually reducing the cholesterol levels of the body. These are as follows:

  1. Change your Diet

Focus less on the high saturated fats like red meat & dairy products. Replace them with fruits, fish, oatmeal, nuts, and vegetables.

Studies have proved that consuming oatmeal regularly for two weeks reduces the LDL cholesterol and triglycerides level. Imagine its impact if you continue to do that for over a month or so?

  1. Exercise

Exercising is the healthiest of all resorts against cholesterol and the most effective as well when it comes to terms eventually. Exercising increases your heart rate and improves the metabolism of the body allowing improved expulsion of harmful oils, detrimental to an individual’s health. What exercise or what type of exercises you must do, would thoroughly depend on the varied factors and along with your medical history. (“Lower Cholesterol with Exercises – 14 Reasons and Tips”) The deciding factors also include your age, gender, and weight.

The ones who are new to the world of exercising must first consult their physician and check out what is safe for them and what is not. The individuals already suffering with a heart trouble might not be advised any rigorous exercises. They could resort to simpler alternates like stretching, weightlifting, walking, etc. In case your physician allows you to participate in some high impact exercises; try your hand in swimming, running, bicycling, aerobics, etc. (“Lower Cholesterol with Exercises – 14 Reasons and Tips”)

Ask your doctor to sketch your fitness plan in detail and stick to the same with the guidance of a professional fitness trainer. As a good patient and a responsible individual following the plan duly is in your hands. (“Lower Cholesterol with Exercises – 14 Reasons and Tips”) Exercising is also supposed to be a better resort than all other remedies as it has less or no side effects, for instance consuming drugs has a lot of side effects on our body.

  1. Vitamins Supplements and Drugs

While CHD does not react instantly, it gradually develops with the person’s growing age and sustained excessive amounts of blood cholesterol. To live a healthy and long life it is necessary for you to lower the cholesterol levels as early as possible. Here are some specialized medications and substitutes to fight back the rising cholesterol levels instantly: (“Reducing Cholesterol Naturally – 2 Great Natural Methods”)

  1. Bile acid resins
  2. Ezetimibe
  3. Fibric acid
  4. Niacin
  5. Statins

Studies show that their regular in take can lower the cholesterol level from 15-30%.

Anyhow, these have a lot of side effects so do not opt to have them all by yourself. Consult your doctor before shifting to any of these resorts. Remember there are n numbers of brands selling these drugs that you can choose from, and this is for your doctor to decide that which one would be the best option for you.

Regular Check Up

Prevention is simply the best cure to any disease. Hence, remember to follow your regular checkups with the doctor. That li’l expenditure would save you the long hospital bill that could come up in future.


Best Wishes, Coyalita

Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Specialist

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