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Lowering Cholesterol Levels-Your Best Bet

Lowering Cholesterol Levels-Your Best Bet

Lowering Cholesterol Levels-Your Best Bet cholesterol affects the human body in an adverse manner. This is a well-known fact today. Lipoprotein is an assembly of proteins and lipids that carry cholesterols between the liver and the body tissues. (“How To Lower Your Cholesterol – presetsart”) Low density lipoprotein carrying cholesterol to the cells gets deposited on the artery walls thus hardening it. Hence it is called “bad cholesterol.” This obstructs the smooth flow of blood. This causes the status of the atherogens of the blood vessels to be ruined resulting in various diseases.

Cholesterol is not completely bad for health. “The value of this waxy substance that is non soluble is not widely known.” (“How To Lower Your Cholestrol | Cholesterol | High Density …”) Building membranes, nerve sheaths and cell walls, manufacture of bile, and production of hormones are all aided by cholesterol. However, being exposed to elevated levels of it can cause various diseases. Hypertension is one of the main cardiovascular disorders caused by cholesterol. Sometimes, this can even be fatal. It can also lead to fibrosis and atherosclerosis, which are dumping of extra fiber and fatty substances in the arteries.

Proper eating habits and regular exercise are the most effective ways of keeping cholesterol under check while overindulgence, bad diets and wrong lifestyles can increase the cholesterol levels of the human body. (“How To Lower Your Cholestrol | Cholesterol | High Density …”)

“The best dietary practices for a cholesterol free life include:” (“How to Lower Your Cholestrol | Cholesterol | High Density …”)

  1. Planning an entire week’s menu in advance to ensure it is cholesterol free and supplementing it with vegetables and fruits filled with fibers. Organic food stuffs are much healthier as they do not have any chemicals that can trigger increased cholesterol levels. (“How To Lower Your Cholestrol | Cholesterol | High Density …”) Complex carbohydrates of ambitious standards should be used.
  2. People diagnosed with LDC should avoid egg yolks and eat more of egg whites. Using whole wheat to prepare baked food stuffs and cereals for noodles is also highly effective in reducing cholesterol levels. Also refined sugar should be avoided as it contains several chemicals used in processing it so that the product is fine and white. (“How To Lower Your Cholestrol | Cholesterol | High Density …”) Unrefined sugar is less of a health hazard.
  3. Drink lots of water. “It helps digestion, cleanses the body to maintain proper blood flow and maintains equilibrium in the body.” (“How To Lower Your Cholestrol | Cholesterol | High Density …”)
  4. Artificially made foods contain coloring agents, extenders, and various additives. Hence, they should be avoided. Instead, eat more of root crops.
  5. Commercially made soft drinks contain copious amounts of sugar, additives and artificial colors that can cause high cholesterol levels. Even chocolate beverages, other chemical drinks, and caffeinated drinks like coffee cause risk of high cholesterol levels. These should be replaced with fresh fruit juices for a healthier diet. (“How To Lower Your Cholestrol | Cholesterol | High Density …”)

Food processing and baking usually include the usage of hydrogenated and trans fats. These are highly destructive, even more than saturated fats produced from the same oils as them. Various palm oils, including “olive oil”, are the healthiest oils that help in lowering cholesterol levels of the entire family. Even though they are costly, they can help in warding off various diseases caused by other oils. (“How To Lower Your Cholestrol | Cholesterol | High Density …”)

High cholesterol levels can cause strokes or hypertension that can even be fatal. This can be avoided by keeping in tune with your body by regular checkups so that in case of high cholesterol levels, effective steps can be taken to reduce it before it is too late.

Best Wishes, Coyalita

Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Specialist

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