Lower Cholesterol – Your Heart Needs Low Cholesterol

Lower Cholesterol – Your Heart Needs Low Cholesterol

Lower Cholesterol – Your Heart Needs Low Cholesterol having lower cholesterol is especially important and by now we all know this. “Age is not a factor when it comes to cholesterol as we can all have a problem here.” (“ETYN”) (“ETYN”) It is also a fact that you can increase your chances of having a heart attack or stroke if your cholesterol is bad. “To understand what this means and how to achieve it, we all need to understand a few of the key concepts and terms first.” (“© Wings of Success http://homeremedieslog.com Page 1 of 1”) We will start with this.

Cholesterol is just a fat-like substance that is found throughout the body. The next thing is to know how it gets there. This is easy, you get your cholesterol through the body itself or in the foods we eat and put into it. You need to know that too much of it, however, is not healthy for the body. When your cholesterol is too high you will end up with clogged our arteries, block our hearts, and threaten to end our lives. (“© Wings Of Success http://homeremedieslog.com Page 1 of 1”) Most of us have bad cholesterol cause we all love bacon and fatty foods.

There are two kinds of cholesterol that we have, which may be confusing at first. High density lipoprotein is one of them, and it is commonly known as HDL which needs to be high as it protects the heart from bad cholesterol. (“© Wings of Success http://homeremedieslog.com Page 1 of 1”) Low density lipoproteins, or LDL, and are sometimes called the bad cholesterol because it can clog arteries and kill us, is the other. We have both kinds of cholesterol in our bodies and we them need both. The balance between them is what gives us general health. (“Lowering Your Cholesterol Made Easy”)

Lowering your Cholesterol

For those people who would prefer not to take prescription drugs for lowering their cholesterol, there is a more natural way. The alternative to using drugs is natural cholesterol reducers which could also be found in many whole foods. Most of us now prefer to take natural remedies such as herbs etc. today’s research show the effectiveness in getting rid of the symptoms or in reducing your chances of having a heart disease.

“Natural cholesterol reducers are substances that help to lower cholesterol without having to have people tamper with it first.” (“Lowering Your Cholesterol Made Easy”) This means that they were not created with the use of chemicals or pesticides. If you are wondering what such things can be construed as natural, I will tell you. Garlic is considered a natural reducer because it acts as an inhibitor. (“Lowering Your Cholesterol Made Easy”) Fish oils with their omega-3-fatty acids are also known to reduce heart disease by at least 40%.

There is another factor that you need to consider too. For example, did you know that Cholesterol’s sister problem beta-sitosterol can very effectively cut blood serum cholesterol with no changes at all made in your diet or exercise regimens. The spice Curcumin (an extract of a curry spice turmeric) lowers cholesterol naturally. However, golgul gum resin which is from the myrrh tree reduces high cholesterol levels as well as it helps you with weight problems. (“© Wings Of Success http://homeremedieslog.com Page 1 of 1”) “These are just some natural spices that you can add to your diet.” (“Lowering Your Cholesterol Made Easy”)

Things That Will Give You High Cholesterol

By now, you know a lot about the risks of heart disease; especially with the high amount of information that is available on this subject. However, you should know that there are many different risk factors for high cholesterol that we never pay enough attention to. (“How To Lower Your Cholesterol”) You may be wondering what they are. You are wondering what they have to do with you. The first thing that needs to be said is in identifying what they are. Of course, much of this is only common sense.

Some of the foods that can contribute to your high cholesterol are fast foods, chips, soft drinks, candy bars, refined sugars, butter cream, fried cheese, fried dough, and cotton candy. These are the ones you can control by simply not eating them whenever possible. (“How To Lower Your Cholesterol”) These are all the comfort foods that most of us have been eating since we were kids. (“How To Lower Your Cholestrol | Cholesterol | High Density …”) They are familiar to you and your mother. However, you should be warned that they will kill you if you let them, so it makes sense that your health beckons you to avoid them. Some risk factors for high cholesterol are part of your normal everyday lifestyle. (“Cholesterol Risk Factor | Intellectual Parent”)

Weight problems, smoking, alcohol abuse, as well as horrible are all another part of your daily life. Some of the causes of high cholesterol cannot be prevented. For example, high cholesterol is also hereditary. However, it is good to note that this is a factor with which you must live. Diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease, hyperthyroidism is just some of the dangers that these foods can cause; high cholesterol is just another side effect.


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