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Low Blood Pressure Readings – But Not too Low

Low Blood Pressure Readings – But Not too Low

Low Blood Pressure Readings – But Not too Low Our family and our doctors keep telling us we need to get our blood pressure down. “We all want low blood pressure readings; but not too low.” (“Low Blood Pressure Readings – But Not to Low”)

Some people go to the doctor and come back home and say, “my blood pressure was low”. That may be the case, however that can be misleading.

However, the kind of low blood pressure that we are talking about is just as dangerous as high blood pressure. For someone that has had a reading of 120/75 consistently, and then drops to a 90/50 can be extremely dangerous. This can be just as dangerous for someone’s pressure to go from 120/75 to 150/100.

For someone that has high blood pressure, it is called hypertension. For someone that has low blood pressure, it is called hypotension. Both can cause problems in their lives

If someone has had a blood pressure reading of 90/50 their whole life, then that person is going to be ok. However, for someone that does not have that kind of blood pressure consistently may encounter some serious side effects.

Those symptoms that may occur are light headedness, dizziness, and faint upon standing up. You will also see a change in the person’s skin color. In an instant the color can go from normal to pale in a split second. If this happens then that person would need to find medical assistance.

Ok now that we know a little about low blood pressure, here are some ways to fix it as well. The funny thing is it is the same way you manage high blood pressure. I know it sounds crazy, but it is the truth.

Change your diet. Low blood pressure can be caused by your diet. Just like your diet can give you high blood pressure. You will need to pick something that has good strong nutrients, this way it makes the artery walls get stronger and helps pump blood through faster.

Make sure you get plenty of vitamin B and vitamin C into your diet. Also get plenty of protein, eat chicken, fish, eggs, it does not matter if it has plenty of protein.

Just like when you are dealing with high blood pressure, and you need exercise to get it down. The same goes for low blood pressure as well.

Low blood pressure must be taken as seriously as high blood pressure. Both can lead to other health problems in our body that we do not want. So just follow those steps, just like the people who have high blood pressure would do, and everything should be fine.

Oh yes! One other thing, if you are experiencing high or low blood pressure consult with your doctor right away. It can be a matter of life or death.

Regards, Coyalita

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