Lose 10 Pounds by Getting Up Early

Lose 10 Pounds by Getting Up Early

Weight gain can be a terribly slow process. For most people, it is a matter of one pound here, one pound there, and the next thing you know you are ten pounds heavier. (“Getting Up Early Can Help You Lose 10 Pounds”) Therefore, everyone, at one point or another, will want to lose ten pounds. To lose ten pounds is very realistic for everyone and is achievable though some slight changes in diet and by exercising more. (“Getting Up Early Can Help You Lose 10 Pounds”)

Most people, with their busy schedules, get little or no exercise, so even a small bit of regular exercise should be able to achieve noticeable results. If we do not have time to exercise a great deal, though, we are going to want to maximize the effectiveness of the exercise we do get, and a wonderful way to do that is by exercising in the morning. (“Weight Loss Clarified”)

There are two main reasons why you can more easily lose ten pounds by exercising in the morning. The first has to do with the fact that it is much easier to build into your daily routine. One of the keys to losing weight by exercise is to do it regularly, which many people find difficult: it is always hard to find time. So, a great reason for exercising in the morning is that you will have little distraction. In many ways, you are literally “making time” for the exercise by starting your day earlier. (“diet”)

Now, in terms of your goal to lose ten pounds, morning exercise will be more effective because you will be burning calories from fat already in your system. (“diet”) This principle is based, of course, on the idea that you do not eat before you exercise. The way you are going to lose ten pounds is by burning fat, and when you exercise your body normally burns both fat and carbohydrates. Now it gets a little more complicated: your body’s main and preferred energy source is carbohydrates, so when you exercise you will (more or less) burn carbohydrates first, and then your body will dip into its fat reserves. (“Weight Loss Clarified”)

“Carbohydrates come from your meals, so when you exercise at a normal time of the day your body will have plenty of carbohydrates to burn.” (“diet”) In trying to lose ten pounds, however, you are hoping to burn fat. If you exercise in the morning on an empty stomach, you are burning energy at a time when your body’s carbohydrate levels are the lowest, and therefore more fat will be burned with the same amount of exercise. There have been studies that suggest over 250% more fat is burned when you exercise in this state. (“Fat Loss: “Living It Up In Fat Loss Utopia”…Exposed!”)

There is never any immediate way to lose ten pounds – ultimately, losing weight requires smart dietary decisions and a well thought out routine of exercise. (“diet”) By exercising in the morning, however, you will be giving yourself a distinct advantage in that battle to lose ten pounds – you will be privy to not only a physiological advantage, but also the practical one of conducting your exercise at the beginning of the day without distraction.

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