2612568276918. How To Maximize the Power of Yoga

How To Maximize The Power Of Yoga

How To Maximize the Power of Yoga

In The West Yoga as a concept was introduced in the West a long time ago.

It is only now that more and more Americans are taking it more seriously than they ever did before. Yoga as a way of life is catching on fast with the Westerners as more and more people familiarize themselves with the truth behind this centuries-old Indian practice.

It was towards the end of the eighteenth century that Western scholars began to understand how closely related the Indian languages are with their European counterparts.

The study of such an interconnectedness that ensued introduced them to the concept of yoga as it was present in the Indian sacred texts.

A breakthrough came when Englishman Charles Wilkins pioneered the translation of Sanskrit text of The Bhagvad Gita to English.

It was also the efforts of American statesman Alexander Hamilton who closely studies the Indian culture, tradition, languages and even delivered a lecture in Paris about India in the year 1802-03.

By the nineteenth century, the knowledge of yoga was spreading among the Westerners who were involved closely with the study of Indian texts.


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