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How to Become a Lethal Weapon in Two Weeks!

How to Become a Lethal Weapon in Two Weeks!


How to Become a Lethal Weapon in Two Weeks!Persistence You have learned quite a bit by now. And believe it or not, what you now know puts you in the top 10 percent of the best fighters in the world!

I’m not kidding at all. I have studied a lot of fighters and fighting arts for many years. What I’ve given you above is all you need to take down any attacker. All you have to do is practice and make them a part of you.

Now…I’ve touched on this previously but here’s what separates the winners from the losers.

Most fighters are programmed to the “strike and block” technique. Or worse…the “block and strike” style. They strike once and then wait to see what happens before they strike
again. Or, they wait for the attacker to strike first so they can block and then strike back.

Moreover, if a person is very new to fighting, he will usually strike once. And if the attacker somehow blocks his strike, the new fighter will start to panic and lose it. He will assume that the attacker is a better fighter and just freeze up.

You simply cannot afford to do that!

Sequencing . . .

Therefore, to win a fight, you have to strike continuously! You have to keep moving, like a sledgehammer. And, don’t stop for anything!

If you miss or get blocked, don’t panic. And don’t stop. Keep going, continue hitting.

If your first strike doesn’t get him, your second one will. And heck, if your second one doesn’t get him either…well, guess what… Your next 5 to 15 strikes will surely pulverize him.

So, if your first shot doesn’t go anywhere, don’t worry about it. Just keep going. Fight with all your might and keep hitting, punching and kicking until the attacker is down!

It doesn’t matter which sequence or strike combinations you use. Just strike whatever target is exposed.

And practice this! During your practice sessions, rehearse striking in sequence – one strike, after another, after another. And move from one strike to another – elbows to knee kicks to push overs etc. etc. Practice every combination so you’re not stuck with one sequence. You want to be able to strike whatever part of the attacker’s body is open.

Here’s an example of sequencing (continuous striking until attacker is down…)

In the above sequence, 1) the defender blocks the attacker’s punch, 2) strikes his nose to cause pain & distraction, 3) elbows his face, 4) executes a push over, 5) if the attacker is still standing, he quickly shoves his knee into attacker’s groin, and finally 6) execute another push over to take him down.

Simple moves but very deadly. And when combined into a sequence, it’s lethal.

Remember, those who survive attacks do so simply because they don’t stop for anything. They don’t give up. They continue to kick and claw and scream and shout until they are free to escape. They are smart – because they realize very quickly that this may be their only chance to get free and walk away alive.

The key here is sequencing…persistence…

to never give up!

If you take the above lessons, channel them through the Warrior mentality, and add to that all the powerful moves I’ve taught you, you’ll be almost impossible to take down. I can guarantee you that!

One final word of advice…

Please, please do not use these techniques for fun or show. What I’ve taught you here is lethal stuff! It’s deadly. It can easily cause permanent injury, and even death. Please keep that in mind while practicing them with a live partner.

Do not use them unless you (or your loved ones) are being threatened with physical harm.

I hope you never get caught in a situation where you have to use these strategies. But… if you ever do, you now know exactly how to survive it and walk away alive.

I wish you and yours a safe and violence-free life.

Use what you’ve learned here AT YOUR OWN RISK

How to Become A Lethal Weapon In Two Weeks!

Regards, Coyalita

Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Specialist

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