2612568276918. How to Become a Lethal Weapon in Two Weeks! Protective Measures

How to Become a Lethal Weapon in Two Weeks!

How to Become a Lethal Weapon in Two Weeks!

Protective Measures

How to Become a Lethal Weapon in Two Weeks!Protective Measures While I recommend that you strike first as soon as you sense eminent danger (provided the attacker is close enough for you to get to him), there are times when the attacker will keep his distance as well, waiting for the right moment to strike.

Or, sometimes, he may be able to make the first move by getting to you before you realize that he’s there. (After all, he’s trying to use the ‘element of surprise’ to his advantage as well.) In those cases, knowing how to protect yourself using either blocks or diversions will come in handy.

Stepping “Off-Line”

In Aikido, we are taught that whenever a person attacks you, he’s not really attacking you; he’s simply attacking the area which you’re occupying at that moment.

That means, to avoid getting hit, you simply get out of the way.  Sounds easy enough, doesn’t it? It’s very effective.

The “off-line” step is just that. From the position you’re standing in, quickly step (or jump) to either side, or take a quick step back, to avoid getting hit. You can also move diagonally (moving forward while moving to the side at the same time.)

Just imagine what a bullfighter would do when the bull attacks him. He doesn’t try to block it or stop it. That would be stupid – and very dangerous. He simply gets out of the way.

Stepping Off-Line
(Notice the person’s position change in relation to the stationary red dot.)

So, if someone were to rush towards you (attempting to push you down or strike you), you can simply move to the side (left or right) or diagonally in order to get out of the way. Two things happen here: 1) you avoid getting hit and 2) you usually end up behind the attacker (a very advantageous place to be in.)

Stepping Off-Line
(Notice the position changes in relation to the stationary red dot, and how the defender ends up behind the attacker.)

Of course, the moment you avoid his strike, start pounding him with your own strikes. And don’t stop until he’s down.

You can also push the attacker towards the direction he’s running in (using his head or neck) and easily cause him to lose his balance. This works very well if the attacker is rushing towards you (notice slide #4 below.)

You can also turn the off-line step into a very effective attack to take the opponent down, or at least hurt him. All you have to do is step out of the way, plant your hand in the attacker’s way (in
line with his neck or upper shoulder area) and take him down. To increase the impact, you can also take a step forward (against his direction) as he walks into your arm.

Regards, Coyalita

Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Specialist

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