2612568276918. How to Become a Lethal Weapon in Two Weeks! - Your Other Deadly Weapons

How to Become a Lethal Weapon in Two Weeks!

How to Become a Lethal Weapon in Two Weeks!

Your Other Deadly Weapons

How to Become a Lethal Weapon in Two Weeks! – Your Other Deadly Weapons Your other deadly weapons are of course the various parts of your body.

I’ll go over them now. As you go over them, remember again…simplicity is power!

If you’re looking for fancy, complicated maneuvers that will look good, you won’t find them here. I’ll only show you what works in the real world! Because I want you to survive!

These weapons work extremely well because they are easy to execute and they target some of the weakest areas of the attacker’s body. Consequently, you don’t need much strength to take the attacker down, even if he happens to be twice your size.

(While I’m listing all the effective strikes below, you will only need to use a handful of them if you ever get into a fight. I’ll show you later which ones they are.)

Here we go…


You can poke the attacker in the eyes (to blind him temporarily) by using your pointing finger and middle finger in a “V” formation. You can also use your pointing finger (bent at the 2nd joint and rolled in) to strike the attacker’s throat (at the small indentation above the chest) or the side of the ribs. A thumb jab can also be used in a similar fashion.

And, you can use your fingers to grab and pull on the attacker’s hair, you can grab/pinch the sides (love handles), inner thighs, groin or other sensitive areas.


The knuckles (fingers bent at the second joint and folded in) can be used to strike the throat, side of ribs, or even the solar plexus area. These are very deadly strikes.


Your palm can be used in several ways. By cupping your hand (as you would do if you were to carry water in it), you can deliver a palm slap to the ear (to cause temporary ringing) or to the groin area (to cause some serious pain.) Be sure to put your body weight into the movement (by swinging from your hips) for maximum effectiveness.

You can use the heel of the palm (palm thrust) to strike the nose area, in a forward and upward motion. This can cause serious damage (even death) if used with full force.

You can also use the palm (and fingers) in an “open grab” motion (palm grab) to deliver a strike to the throat. (It will look like you’re reaching up to grab the throat when in fact you’re simply pushing against it with force.) This will cause temporary breathing problems for the attacker.

Lastly, you can use the palm heels of both your hands to do a push over. You are simply using palm thrusts against the attacker’s chest area to push him away hard.

This works especially well when the attacker is moving in towards you because it becomes very easy to drop him while he’s in forward motion. (As explained earlier in the manual.)

When using the push over, try to push him at an angle whenever possible. Striking from an angle is always much more effective because it’s a lot easier to get him off his balance. This principle can be used for other strikes as well.

And of course, you can use your palm and fingers to pull on his hair, or pinch his love handles, inner thighs, etc. to give you a few seconds.

Forehead or Top of Head

These can be used to strike the attacker’s face, at close range, usually hitting the nose area. They are very effective and deadly strikes, especially when used repeatedly.

You can use this very well if the attacker has locked you into a “bear hug” either from the front or from behind.


The elbows are used to strike the face (temples, side of jaw, under the chin) or even thrusted into the throat or chest area, at close range of course.

If someone grabs you from behind, you can also use your elbow to start striking his ribs, sides, or torso repeatedly – until he lets  go.


The knee is most commonly used to strike the groin area. However, it can also be used very effectively in striking the torso and the outer side of the thigh.


A groin kick can be delivered using the upper surface of your foot. A kick to the knee or the shin (in a sliding motion) can be delivered using the bottom (sole) of your foot (turned at an angle so that your toes are pointed outwards / to your side.).

You’re simply placing your foot on his knee and walking through it. You can also use the heel of your foot to either strike the knee or stomp on the toes.

And, you can use the bottom (sole) of your foot to deliver a stomp kick to the attacker’s torso or pelvic area. The armed forces use this kick to take a bolted door down. You can imagine what a blow like this would do to a human.

You can either strike anywhere on his torso, or you can hit him with it on either side of his pelvis, right at the point where his leg joins with the body. The fact that there’s a joint at those spots makes it vulnerable.

When using the above kicks, you will notice that your foot never goes above the waistline. Kicks don’t need to go any higher than the waistline. If you want to strike him above the belt, you can use your hands (and sometimes, the knee.) When you’re using kicks, your best targets are below the belt, and very effective. Anyone can do that – without having the flexibility of a Yoga instructor. We’ll leave the high kicks for Hollywood.


I do not recommend that you bite someone unless it’s absolutely necessary, especially since you do not want someone’s blood in your mouth.

However, if you end up with someone trying to get you into a head lock or any other position where you can’t use your hands and feet, you may just have to bite – hard enough to cause him to let go of his grip, so you can quickly break free. At that point, deliver a few deadly blows using other weapons.

And of course, one of your best weapons is the “element of surprise.” I’ve discussed this earlier. (If a man can’t think, he can’t fight.) Use it to distract or confuse him temporarily so you can deliver your strikes.

Practice this “element of surprise” technique as well. Do something to distract your partner and see if you can strike before he/she is able to recover from the distraction. But remember, you’re only practicing. Do not actually strike or you’ll hurt your partner.

Note: You may have noticed that I tend to address the attacker as “he” or “him” a lot, implying that he’s a male. While this is usually the case, don’t be too surprised if your attacker happens to be a female. And do not underestimate the threat you’re facing! The same rules and strategies will apply, including the “knee to the groin” technique. (Just be sure to strike hard, and repeatedly, with whatever is available to you – until the attacker is down.)

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How to Become A Lethal Weapon In Two Weeks!

Regards, Coyalita

Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Specialist

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