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Healthy Chemistry for Optimal Health

Healthy Chemistry for Optimal Health

Healthy Chemistry for Optimal Health – Factors to Take into Consideration in Selecting the Kinds of Chemicals to Incorporate into the Body The usual route of the body when it enters the system is through the lining of your cells, either via your lungs, skin or mouth.

Then it goes into the fluids in your body wherein there are two types: the interstitial and intracellular. 

Your body is made up of fluids and it fills up almost 60% of your body weight. These harmful chemicals may go into your body fluids and invade one part of your organ or multiple ones.

With that, you need to be more careful in choosing the right product to avoid bad chemicals harming your body. Here are the factors to be considered when selecting the chemicals, we incorporate into the body.

Learn How Chemicals Can Circulates into Body

These were briefly explained in the previous chapter so we are now going into details. A chemical can go to your interstitial fluid, the fluid that surrounds your cells.

These fluids are not like your blood where it constantly flows in and around your heart to keep it clean. Instead, it remains in one location where water and nutrients move in and out of it.

So, when a bad chemical is in your interstitial fluid, it will not be carried away by your blood and thus, remain in one part of the body causing infections.

The chemical, before it completely invades a cell, will have to penetrate first into the cell’s membrane. It needs to go into the blood vessels then eventually into the organ it wants to invade. This ability of the chemicals may vary according to their molecular structure, solubility, polarity and other factors.

This also explains why a certain chemical causes different health problems as compared with others.

Know the Route of Exposure

This actually defines whether a certain chemical has a certainty to be eliminated. There are some that go into the blood stream and are further eliminated. For example, a specific chemical focus on invading your liver before any other organ. As we all know, the liver is one major filtering system that can destroy harmful chemicals.

With that, a certain chemical will be in the process of down streaming’ in which it will be dramatically eliminated or destroyed. This also explains why certain medications are administered differently in accordance with their function.

Some should not pass the liver to provide medications to organs while some have to pass through to target the organ itself.

The Body Stores Them

Often times, the chemicals may enter the body and are trapped within the plasma proteins. Plasma proteins are storage cells and can put the chemical in dormant condition. This is because the plasma’s proteins block its toxins so it will not cause harm. With that, a certain chemical is bound to protein in a short time.

These are the things you need to consider in selecting the kinds of chemicals in your body. There are some that invade while some are destroyed. In order for you to know all about it, check your product with your local stores.

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