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Healthy Chemistry for Optimal Health

Healthy Chemistry for Optimal Health

Healthy Chemistry for Optimal Health – 10 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Bad Chemicals, especially the ones that you use to clean your place, are potentially hazardous if not handled with precaution.

The marketing strategies of some industrial cleaners have succeeded in giving the public enough awareness of the importance of cleanliness.

On the other hand, they also did not put much effort into giving certain precautions of the potential harm these chemicals can do to your health. Well, to give you safer ideas, here are the reasons why you should avoid bad chemicals.


1. The Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Scare

These are sealants that are made of potent chemicals that may cause cancer. In fact, they can be mixed up with your drinking water and impose much danger. In case you still insist to use these chemicals to seal your driveway, see to it that it is far enough not to reach your water supply.

2. The Triclosan Effect

This chemical is used commonly in soaps that are made to be anti-bacterial. These harsh chemicals may eliminate bacteria in your body but they also impose dangers. They have an effect on your metabolism as it reacts with your thyroid glands. This can also cause danger to aquatic animals especially when it reacts with contaminated water. Do not overuse this product. It can be harmful and will make your body more resistant to other antimicrobial medications.

3. The Ammonia Warning

Ammonia can be inhaled when used in household cleaners. In fact, children may inhale this chemical and cause health problems. For alternative, why not try baking soda to clean your tiles or your sink. They are natural and safe to use.

4. The Dangers of Pesticides

You are pretty sure that pesticides are poison even if marketing campaigns launch them as ‘natural.’ In fact, these chemicals actually kill the soil and so the plant cannot get any nutrition.

5. Problems About Synthetic Fragrance

Whether it may be lotion, soap and perfumes, they still are made synthetically and far from being natural. They cause skin irritants and other problems. As much as possible, opt for unscented ones as they are safer.

6. The Scented Candle Warning

Scented candles are a sure way to give your home a good vibe but they impose danger when taken excessively. Be sure to only use them when necessary.

7. The Problems with Grilling

Grilling causes your food to char a bit and this produces a substance called heterocyclic amines. This substance is found to be carcinogenic so it is good to scrape it off your plate.

8. Sunless Tanning Precaution

Even if you are to avoid the ultraviolet rays, these sunless tanning still contains strong chemicals that may cause skin irritants and other skin problems.

9. Smoke Belching Dangers

You are aware of how smoke damages your lungs due to carbon monoxide. Well, you can start cleaning your car and give your surroundings a much cleaner environment.

10. Nail Polish Alert

Nail Polish has an active ingredient called butyl acetate and may be harmful when inhaled, especially when children are around you. Be sure to apply it in an open space or away from children.

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