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Healthy Chemistry for Optimal Health

Healthy Chemistry for Optimal Health

Healthy Chemistry for Optimal Health – Dangerous Chemicals to the Body Every day, you are prone to chemicals and pollutions that may affect your health.

In fact, you may be unaware of the chemicals that invade your body. So, whether you are in a hospital, laboratory or even in the comfort of your own room, there are hazardous chemicals that may linger around you.

Although they are everywhere, you also need to know that these chemicals can only do harm when they are absorbed in the body. So before jumping to any conclusions, it is important for you to know the terms related to chemicals; whether they may be toxic or hazardous.

Do you know the difference?

Hazardous – this is the term used when certain substances accumulate in a concentration that can possibly harm the body.

Toxic – this is the term used when a certain substance has produced a harmful effect to the body, especially when it reaches a certain amount.

The Passages Explained

So, when you say that a certain chemical is toxic, it simply states that a chemical can cause negative effects at a given concentration. Usually, scientists and other professionals would define toxicity by percentage and measure them according to the amount that can cause fatality.

Usually, rats are the ones tested. These rats do a heroic act in defining toxicity since when a certain chemical caused 50% of death, then it is considered toxic.

On the other hand, hazardous chemicals may or may not be toxic and as such, it should be handled carefully so as not to impose dangers.

Now that you have known the difference between toxic and hazardous chemicals, the next thing you need to know is their usual route in the body.

These harmful chemicals may enter our body without knowing it. Sometimes, we inhale them; we ingest them and even our skin absorbs them. They invade in such a way that they do everything to penetrate our system.

When we ingest: It is only by the route of your mouth that you can actually let these chemicals invade your system. Eating in a contaminated area, drinking dirty water or food is a potential harm.

When we inhale: People who are working in a hazardous environment are more susceptible to invasion of chemicals. These chemicals invade by getting into your lungs first then contacting the blood vessels in the body. Via these vessels, they begin to enter the system.

When we absorb: Your skin, even your eyes, is made up of a series of cells that can absorb substances. The chemicals in your lotions and topical medications are absorbed this way. So, when a harmful chemical drops into your skin, it will then have a passageway through your skin.

These are the things you need to know about the pollution and chemicals that may invade your system. The harmfulness of a material can still be described depending on their health cause.

Irritants causes aggravation to our body tissues, narcotics are depressants, mutagen alters DNA of cells and causes cancer.

Furthermore, poisons cause internal damages, teratogens affect the fetus of pregnant women and sensitizers cause allergies. For more information, visit your doctor today.

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